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Reflections Enroute is about the seeing, doing, and eating experiences from around the world!

In the places we go, Jim and I travel to delve into new cultures, meet the people, eat the food, live the way they live, and try to pack in as many new experiences as we possibly can.  We’ve lived in six countries together and traveled over 90 countries, many of which our daughters were also with us.

As a family, we embrace the different and seek out the quirky. In the lists below, we’ve linked what we have written about, but as many of you are well aware, we haven’t written about everything we’ve done, but keep coming back as we continue to add more and more.





14 thoughts on “Places”

  1. Phoebe @ Lou Messugo

    Corinne have you guys been to any of the French overseas territiories/regions such as Réunion, Polynesia, New Calendonia, French Guiana? I’m looking for bloggers to write guest posts on these far flung parts of France. If you haven’t been do you know of anyone who has?

  2. There are quite a few items on your list of foods that I would have to Google…but won’t because I am scared to! You are definitely more adventurous than I am.

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