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How to Get the Most Out of Athens in Two Days

A major stop on any Mediterranean cruise itinerary, Athens still retains its charm while throngs of sweating tourists invade it on a daily basis.  There is so much to see here, that a couple of days, let alone a couple of hours off of the ship just aren’t going to completely cut it, but it will give you a good taste! Here’s a couple of choices on how to see and experience Athens in two days and if you are only doing a stopover, in one day. We started our time here happy to be able to take an easy and cheap bus ride to the center of the city, or specifically to Syntagma Square.  It’s the last stop and …

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One Full Day in Qatar

One Day Qatar

Stopping Over? What To Do In Doha And Qatar Qatar was not our initial destination, but I love to book flights through places that I can knowingly take advantage of a free stopover, especially when I can add a unique country in Asia. We planned to take advantage of the Qatar Airways transit visa, so we booked our flight through Doha. When planning a stopover, it is necessary to narrow down all the Qatar tourist attractions to figure out the best way to get the ones you want to go to done. How long would we need? What’s the most important things to do in Doha? Just like Brunei, we figure one full day would just about do it, but with flight …

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Jordan Travel Blog and Itinerary

Time Lapse Jordan

An Overview of an Amazing Country We went to Jordan last December for about 10 days, which was plenty since it is such a small country.  We rented a car and drove ourselves all around.  After living in both South Korea and Turkey, driving in Jordan was quite easy.  All the directional signs are in English and in Arabic, and the roads seemed very well maintained.  Driving in Amman was a little hairy, but no more so than any other big city where we don’t know our way around. We found the Jordanians to be some of the friendliest people that we’ve ever encountered.  Even though our countries are on two sides of the Palestinian-Israeli issue, not one person said anything …

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The Best of Iceland: A Driving Itinerary

One Week Itinerary Iceland

A few summers back, on a driving trip to Norway to visit some close friends in Stavanger, we stopped in a tourist information office in the Danish ferry port of Hirtshals. We were surprised to discover that you could take a ferry from Denmark to Iceland. What an amazing adventure that would be! We grabbed the glossy pamphlet and filed away the idea for the future. Well, if you read part one of our Driving Iceland blog post, you know we made that dream a reality.  In part one we wrote about the experience of leaving the ferry and beginning the journey. We also tried to give some good driving advice, as driving in Iceland is different than most other places and …

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Perfect One Day Trip Itinerary for Helsinki, Finland

Perfect Day Trip Itinerary for Helsinki, Finland

No Time For A Full Vacation in Helsinki? Go For a Day Trip! Taking a look at the map while we were planning our few days in Tallinn, Estonia, I couldn’t help but notice how easy it would be to take a day trip to Helsinki, so I make up this one day itinerary. There’s just something about traveling in Finland. It’s not any further north than Norway or Sweden, yet somehow, for me, the country conjures up images of the northern frontier with ice fields, and desolate icy wilderness. I don’t know why I have this image, and I imagine that there are parts of the country outside of the capital that fit that description; however, the Helsinki I …

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A Weekend Road Trip Through Astounding Albania

The Ultimate Albania Road Trip

Why?  Why is the question I hear the most. Our long weekend was upon us and my co-workers know that I’m going to go someplace, some unknown country in Europe. “Where?” Many would ask, and then their eyes glaze over at the answer, “Albania”, because it’s a place they do not understand, and doing a self-drive Albania road trip really didn’t compute. They politely tell me to have a good trip and they’re off. Some, the curious ones, usually stop, shake the glaze from their eyes to look at me real hard, and ask why. It was not the first time I’d heard these incredulous questions. Every time we head out to a lesser known area, like the Ukraine, Belarus, …

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