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Things To Do On a Long Layover in Frankfurt (FRA)

What can you do in one day or on a layover in Frankfurt? Click here to check out this list of things to do in Frankfurt for the day, from visiting the historical downtown to eating a great meal. You’ll love it.

Frankfurt Airport is one of the busiest in Germany. If you are traveling to Europe, and especially to Germany, there’s a good chance you’ll have a layover in this massive, sprawling airport. So how can you spend your time? What is there to do in the airport? Are there any things to do around Frankfurt Airport?

Whether you have a short or long layover in Frankfurt, you will find that it’s easy to get into the city. If your bag isn’t checked through to your destination, drop it off in the left luggage, grab your pre-packed day trip kit, and head down to the S-Bahn station. There are plenty of things to do in Frankfurt on a layover.

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The Main River flows right through the center of Frankfurt; take a river cruise on your Frankfurt layover!
A tour boat on the Main River.

Can you Leave Frankfurt Airport during a layover?

If your time is limited, say under four hours, you really should just stay in the airport, but if it’s longer, you should definitely leave the Frankfurt airport! It’s so easy to get to some great places to see in downtown Frankfurt. Explore!

However, if you don’t have enough time you can also enjoy what the sleek and modern Frankfurt airport has to offer. I would suggest a hearty German lunch or dinner at “Kufler & Bucher” in terminal 1. You can get pretty good grilled pork knuckle with crackling and wash it down with a cold, tasty beer for around 20 euros, not a bad price for an airport eatery.

I really don’t eat anywhere else inside of security at Frankfurt Flughafen Terminal 1. Options are better outside of security, with Thong Thai offering a good Pad Thai.

While there is plenty to keep you occupied there in the airport with several restaurants and loads of shopping, unlike some other airports, there really isn’t anything spectacular to occupy your time. If you have the time to get out and explore Frankfurt you really should do so.

Enjoy Your Layover in Frankfurt

With four or more hours between flights, you can escape the airport and take a trip into the city. Getting from Frankfurt International Airport to Frankfurt city center is as easy as hopping on a train. Although you do need to buy the ticket first!

The Nikolauskirch, in Romerberg, is definitely one of the best things to see in Frankfurt.
The Gothic Alt Nikolauskirche is one of the sites in Frankfurt center you just can’t miss.

Frankfurt Airport to Frankfurt City Center By Train

Leaving your gate, follow the signs to the exit and baggage claim. For international flights outside of the Schengen area, the first stop is border control. Show your passports and give a friendly “Guten Tag” to the Polizei checking your documents and then continue on your way.

If your bags weren’t checked through all the way to your destination you’ll need to retrieve your luggage here. Don’t worry, however, as you can store your luggage at the storage counter downstairs in the B or C hall after leaving baggage claim.

Follow the signs for the Regional Bahnhof (Regional Trains), marked with the large green letter S. Buy your ticket at the machine before heading down to the track to catch the S-9 in the direction of Hanau Hbf.

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Which Ticket Should You Buy to Get From the Airport to Frankfurt?

So which ticket should you buy from Frankfurt airport to the center of the city? For those travelers on a layover and returning to the train station on the same day, buying a one-day ticket is the way to go. If you are alone, then a single ticket is good. If there are two or more of you in the group (up to 5) then the group ticket is the better deal.

Remember, if you do buy the Frankfurt public transport system group ticket, anyone in the group can use it for the day, but you must have the ticket with you when you travel (you can’t split up and go off in different directions without purchasing another ticket).

This building frieze shows the grape harvest.
Art is everywhere in Frankfurt. This frieze depicts the grape harvest.

Once on the train, sit back and enjoy the 25-minute ride to the Hauptwache station. Don’t worry about validating your ticket as Frankfurt is one of the few German cities that doesn’t require you to time stamp your ticket. Do be sure and have your ticket with you at all times, though, since the fine is an immediate 60 euros and they do check occasionally.

Another great option to consider is the Frankfurt City Card. This card includes free public transportation, including to and from the airport, and huge discounts on museums, city tours, and other attractions.

Frankfurt Map For a Long Layover

Get off the S 9 at Hauptwache to visit Frankfurt city center. Here you are in the heart of the city. There is a major shopping center, MyZeil, and several major tourist sights easily accessible from this station.

Pro Tip: I mentioned earlier that you can leave your luggage in the storage kiosk at the airport, however, to save a few euros you could also drag your luggage to this point and stuff it into one of the lockers in the Hauptwache station. Either way, you should not need to drag your suitcase around with you while you tour the best of Frankfurt.

Half-timbered buildings line the Romerberg in Frankfurt.
Gorgeous half-timbered buildings in the center.

Things To Do In Frankfurt in One Day

Sometimes when we travel, we really have limited time, like only one day. What can you do in the huge metropolis of Frankfurt in just one day? Plenty!

  • Head to the historical center
  • Walk or take a boat ride on the river
  • Take in a museum on history
  • Enjoy the architecture
  • Go to a German film
  • Eat schnitzel
  • Try the famous apple wine
  • Wander the narrow alleyways and take tons of photos
  • Shop, shop, shop, especially if it’s Christmas Market time.

What to do in Frankfurt for a Few Hours

There’s a lot to see and do on your layover or day trip to Frankfurt, and we’ve made it easy for you with this easy-to-follow itinerary. See our map for the walking path as well.

Taking public transportation from the Frankfurt airport will bring you right downtown.
Taking public transportation from the Frankfurt airport will bring you right downtown.

Frankfurt’s Fussgangerzone or Pedestrian Zone

Start your tour leaving the station through the Zeil exit. This brings you up into the Frankfurt pedestrian zone or Fussgangerzone. In the center of the city, this is where you will find great shopping and lots of cafés and restaurants. We love to sit outside and watch the world go by as we are sipping an aromatic German kaffee (coffee).

Gabled roofs are an architectural beauty in Frankfurt.
Gabled roofs and flags flying, a beautiful day in the Romerberg.

The Romerberg

Continue east past the Gallery and turn right (south) on Liebfrauenstrasse towards the river. Continue down this walking street and you’ll eventually find the famous Romerberg.

Frankfurt was a major target for Allied bombers during World War II and most of this part of the city was completely destroyed. Major reconstructions afterwards have brought the historic center back to its earlier medieval splendor. The square is lined with towering, ornately decorated half-timbered houses, a beautiful Gothic church, and the old town hall.

During the Christmas season you’ll also find a colorful Christmas Market, a stop on the Germany Christmas Market cruise, where you can sip some traditional gluhwein.

Frankfurt History Museum is a great place to visit on a layover, especially if it's raining or bad weather.

Frankfurt History Museum

Continue down towards the river and consider a visit to the Frankfurt History Museum, (Tue.-Sun. 10:00-17:00) where you’ll see the Johannes Schöner globe from 1515. This is the oldest globe showing “America” on the southern half of the New World. Aside from this and other treasures you’ll find, the museum complex displays over 700 years of Frankfurt architecture.

From the History Museum it’s time to cross the Main river. While you’re on the bridge, take a moment to enjoy the splendid city views along both banks.

One of the best things to in Frankfurt is to walk around Sachsenhausen and try the famous Frankfurt apple wine (apfelwein).
If you have enough time, walk another 10 minutes to Sachsenhausen where the Apfelwein culture really shines.


On the other side of the Main river you’ll find yourself in Sachsenhausen and walking along the Museumsufer, or Museum Bank.

Here you’ll find more interesting museums that might catch your fancy. If there is time, I recommend the German Film Museum for an entertaining hour visit.

A flea market in Sachsenhausen is a great place to do some shopping in Frankfurt.
A flea market set up on the Sachsenhausen side of the Main River.

Germany is famous for its beer and beer gardens, but Apfelwein (apple wine) is the quintessential drink of Frankfurt. In the old city section of Frankfurt, you’ll find apple wine pubs. Many of the pubs serve traditional dishes such as schnitzel with the handmade apple wine. This is one of the best (and most fun) food experiences you’ll find in the city!

says Alexa from 52 Perfect Days

Even on a long layover in Frankfurt, go to the Kleinrittergasse at night and explore the bars.
During the day, the Kleinrittergasse is all locked up, but at night it’s hopping!

Kleine Rittergasse

Walking a bit further into the Sachsenhausen neighborhood, you’ll come across the famous Kleine Rittergasse, whose entire length is devoted to small Apfelwein bars and restaurants. This is a hopping place to end the night. Just don’t drink so much you forget to catch your train back to the airport!

A delicious schnitzel is one of the best foods to eat in Frankfurt, especially during a stopover or short stay.
One of the many delicious schnitzels you can find to eat in the downtown area of Frankfurt!

Where to eat lunch in Frankfurt?

It was too early in the day for us to spend too much time in Sachsenhausen, and we had a better option in mind for lunch and our taste of the apple nectar.

Their beer, wine, and apfelwein surely have been blessed by the connected monastery as it is some of the best I’ve ever tasted. But the real star here is the schnitzel. If you eat pork, you owe it to yourself to pig out on the Cordon Bleu at the Salzkammer. It’s a mouthful to say, and several unforgettable mouthfuls to eat, so just point at it on the menu!

The S bahn in downtown Frankfurt, is such an easy way to get around town when you visit.
A train rolls past baroque buildings in Frankfurt’s pedestrian zone.

Back to the Hauptwache Train Station

From here, you can slowly make your back up through the pedestrian zone to the Hauptwache station and then back to the airport. You’ll be packed full of memories, photographs, souvenirs, and delicious food and drink. Even the longest, long-haul flight will be tolerable after your short Frankfurt layover.

Looking For a Good Frankfurt Airport Hotel?

If you’re staying over in Frankfurt for the night, I would suggest the Hilton Frankfurt Airport . We’ve stayed there, and it is comfortable, has good value for the cost, and has an excellent breakfast and the best part is it’s right on the S Bahn.


If you only have one day or a layover in Frankfurt, you will be happy to know that there is plenty to do. With just a few hours, you can take the train to the old historical part of town and eat, drink, play, visit museums, shop, and enjoy a truly traditional German atmosphere.

Author Bio: Jim Vail, is a travel, food, and video creator and a perpetual traveler who has been travel writing for over 15 years. For many years he lived overseas in Germany, Japan, Turkey, South Korea, and the Netherlands, and he’s visited over 90 countries.

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Wednesday 27th of March 2024

Hello Jim, thanks for a great article! How are the things in FRA airport now, post-COVID? We have 9 hours connection next month, I am sure it's plenty, but I would appreciate if you suggest on how much in advance we should arrive for our departure flight?

Corinne Vail

Tuesday 2nd of April 2024

It's all good! Get out of the airport for sure. In nine hours you can have a nice stroll in downtown Frankfurt and really see some cool things.


Tuesday 24th of October 2023

What is the name of the place you stopped for lunch? Definitely going there in two weeks!

Corinne Vail

Wednesday 25th of October 2023

Salzkammer. Soooo good. I really loved the Cordon Bleu, too.


Sunday 25th of August 2019

I have a 4.5-hour layover in FRA coming up on December 28 which is a Saturday and really want to do at least one activity in Frankfurt and worried I might not have enough time. We get there very early in the morning (0535) and our flight leaves 1000 which is usually when most things start opening on Saturdays. Any suggestions for me please will be appreciated!

Corinne Vail

Sunday 25th of August 2019

Julia, Unfortunately I don't think your timing is that good to do much. Good luck, though!

Jo Ator

Friday 19th of April 2019

The S-8 and the S-9 go to Frankfurt from track 1 at the Regional train station. The end destination is not always Hanau. Sometimes it is Offenbach. Regional trains also stop here and you can ride them to the main train station. For 2 or more people, get a group day ticket. At 16.60€, this is cheaper than 2 single day tickets. They are valid for up to 5 people. Write your names on them. There are many more sites to visit in Frankfurt, like the Kaiserdom, the Alte Oper, the Jewish Holocaust Memorial Wall, go up on the Main Tower, visit the Karmeliter Cloister, the Klein Markt Halle and the farmers' markets on Thur. Fri. and Sat.

Jim Vail

Saturday 20th of April 2019

Good tip! Thanks Jo!


Wednesday 10th of April 2019

Great article. Will have a long layover in FRA in June. How is security at the airport? How much time should I allow to go through it when we head back?

Jim Vail

Monday 15th of April 2019

FRA security has been very up and down. There've been times when we just walked through and other times where it took over an hour. We tend to stick to the airline recommended "time prior to departure".