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About Us

We are Corinne and Jim, an American couple who are currently in Germany.  We love to take weekend jaunts to new cities, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and other historical treasures visiting as many smaller destinations as we can.  For some of the details about where we’ve been and what we’ve done, please visit our Places page.

About Us

Together we have been to more than 70 countries.  We have traveled the globe riding horses, camels, elephants, electric bikes, automobiles, vans, trucks, trains, float planes, jet aircraft, boats, and ships. Our travel philosophy focuses on the journey as part of the adventure while keeping the budget low and the experience quality high.

About Us

ReflectionsEnroute showcases our travel photography and writing, handing out advice and inspiration to everyone on how to get out and travel regardless if they are married, single, have children, or on a tight budget.

About US

Unless otherwise noted, all content is created by Corinne or Jim Vail.  We do our best to provide you with current information at the time of publication.

Work with US

About Us

Traveling is not only about the destination, but it is about people and therefore, we are happy to work with you in a variety of ways.


We can do product or hotel reviews or become an ambassador highlighting your specific product and brand.  Throughout the year, we specialize in European destinations, but we are available a few times per year (December two weeks, April one week, and June-August) to go further afield.   The more unknown the destination, the more willing we are to go.

Media Kit available on request.

Travel Bloggers

We are not only available to write guest posts on any number of destinations around the world, but we welcome your guest posts as well.  We have a number of series that we would invite you to contribute to: Weekend Travel Inspiration (link party) and A Rendezvous with Rovers (interviews with intrepid travelers).

Here are some of the websites we’ve worked with; check them out!

Off-season Island Hopping in Croatia

What to eat in Croatia. The Fabulous 5 +1!


About Us

Corinne and Jim accept press or FAM trips, free meals, hotel stays, and products which we will then review.  When we do this, we will include a statement that discloses this to our readers.  It will read something like this: “We were guests of Company A.” or “We were hosted by Company B.”  However, all our opinions will be ours and we will be completely honest when recounting our experiences.

We do accept advertising on our website in the form of banner ads which you will see on our side panel.


ReflectionsEnroute wants to protect your privacy.  We will not share your email address or any other information you provide us unless specifically agreed upon to promote your company, brand, or blog.  It is important to us that the blog is family-friendly and current, but we also include outside links and take no responsibility for their information or tone.

If you are interested in working with us or have any questions about our website or policies, please email us at corinne_vail at hotmail.com or jim.vail at outlook.com

About US