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Jim and Corinne travel experts.
As travel junkies, we’ve been to over 90 countries together, and we can’t help but take some iconic selfies like this one on the equator in Uganda.

We are Corinne and Jim, an American couple whose work takes us around the world. We’re currently living in Tacoma, Washington but we’ve been lived in overseas working as teachers in these countries Japan, Germany, Turkey, South Korea, and the Netherlands over the past twenty years.

Living in these far flung places has allowed us to learn to travel and explore to our hearts content. We’ve traveled together to over 90 countries. We’re not truly nomadic, yet, but we like to think we get the best of both worlds with a solid home base to return to while still living large out in the big wide world.

We love to design our own travel. During our available time we fill up our travel with road trips, one or two-week country explorations, African safaris, and weekend breaks to new cities, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and other local treasures. For some of the details about where we’ve been and what we’ve done, visit our Places page.

Jim and Corinne traveling through Eastern Europe.
Expert at road trips, we’ve even done them in far flung places like Botswana, Turkey, Borneo, and pictured here, Romania.

Travel Philosophy

We have traveled the globe riding horses, camels, elephants, electric bikes, automobiles, vans, trucks, trains, float planes, jet aircraft, boats, and ships. Our travel philosophy focuses on the journey as part of the adventure while keeping the budget low and the experience quality high. While we are traveling we want to see it all, do as much as we can, and eat as many local foods as our stomachs can handle.

See It

Much of traveling is taking in the iconic structures and places in the world. There’s no doubt that when we are in Paris, we seek out the Eiffel Tower or when we are in China, the Great Wall. 

However, seeing it is much more than global icons to us. In the city, it includes preparing for the day, visiting markets and parks. Outside of the city, it’s seeing the beauty of the back country, the way people live in the towns and villages, farming and agriculture, just getting a glimpse into everyday life. 

Do It

Seeing it is just not enough. The things we remember most are when we’ve done something or met somebody in a place. Spending some time in someone’s kitchen where we’ve had a cooking lesson, visited a specialty museum, road-tripped through the mountains, or done something fun really cements that locale in our memories. 

Eat It

Food is a big part of our lives at home and while we’re traveling. So it makes sense to seek out the local dishes, the best local restaurants, delve into the cuisine of the country to help understand the culture.

As we travel, we make it a point to learn about the everyday food and the special foods. We take cooking lessons where we learn about the people and the dish we are making. We try to bring home some world-inspired recipes from each place that we can incorporate into our meals in order to remember our time and tastes of that place.

Jim and Corinne try foods all over the world. Here they are eating soba in Nara, Japan.
It’s all about the taste! With extensive research, we seek out the best local foods and restaurants when we are visiting a place. We love it all, like this soba restaurant in Nara, Japan. 

ReflectionsEnroute showcases the amazing places we’ve been. We do this by providing information on places to go, things to see, what activities to do, and highlighting the amazing local dishes we’ve tried.

Through our writing, photography, and videography, we aim to inspire everyone on how to get out and travel (DIY) regardless if they are married, single, have children, or on a luxury or tight budget. With our travel guides, itineraries, road trips, and practical tips, we do our best to provide you with current information at the time of publication and perform routine updates to keep our articles as up to date and as complete as possible.

Jim and Corinne on a rope bridge in Japan.
You can’t understand an entire country by just hitting the capital city. We love to get out into the back country and hike, camp, meet the locals in smaller, out of the way places. Here we are in Shikoku, Japan on a rope/steel bridge.

We believe anyone can find a way to get out and see the world and discover new things about themselves and the world they live in. Travel opens the eyes and the mind to new things, new ideas, new tastes, and new experiences.

Work With Us

Traveling is not only about the destination, but it is also about meeting new people, making new friends and creating collaborative partnerships. We actively seek out new opportunities to bring our travels to our growing online audience (nearly 200,000 across a variety of social media outlets).

We have partnered with private organizations, official tourism offices, and private individuals around the world. Our goal is to make all travel and any destination accessible through trip planning, reviews, press or fam trips, and social media takeovers.

Jim and Corinne traveling through Norway.
It’s key to enjoy all weather travel. What’s better than experiencing Norway in the snow?

Take a look at our disclaimer and privacy policy pages for more information. If you are interested in working with us or have any questions about our website or policies, please email us by using the contact page, and don’t forget to ask for our Media Kit.

Jim and Corinne travelign in Madagascar.

We love traveling in places that most people only dream of going, like visiting the Avenue of the Baobabs in Madagascar.

33 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. This week I am posting an article on my blog about a time when I was disappointed in myself for not being more adventurous. It got me thinking. Was there a time when you weren’t brave enough to try something and wished that you had? On the flip side, has there been a time when you experienced a feeling of triumph and were super proud of yourself for having tried/attempted some activity, trip, food, etc.? You can email me privately if you prefer. Would I be able to quote you for my post?

  2. William Henderson

    Wow. Just wow. Your blog is equal parts amazing and inspirational. My wife and I have a great deal in common with you and your husband: similar age, the love of travel and a borderline obsession with great food. We are both retiring in the next 2 years and hope to replicate some of your travels in the years to come, staring with the Pacific islands and Eastern Europe. I would like to thank the both of you for sharing your experiences (and recipes!).

  3. Stella, Yes! Personally, I think traveling with kids is better than without kids. Some might argue, but you truly get to know so many more people that way! Good luck!

  4. Had to look up where exactly in Germany Schweinfurt is! :) I see not too far from Frankfurt–will keep in mind your open meet-up invitation the next time we’re planning to be in the area! We could bond over our common appreciation for clean toilets.

  5. I started my blog for the same reasons. While I’m way behind on putting up all the posts I have material for, it is a great way to remember (and relive) my travels! You’re off to a good start – I’m eager to read more of your travels!

  6. You two are an inspiration! Thanks for commenting on the blog so I could discover your awesome website :) Can’t wait to delve into your archives.

  7. Hi Corinne and Jim, nice to meet you. I just stumbled upon your Blog through Silvia (“Heart my Backpack”) and Beth (“Besudesu Abroad”) and saw that you are currently residing in Schweinfurt. I am living close to Cologne. In August 2010 I have visited Tibet, like you Corinne, and there many other countries all three of us have been to. I also saw that you travelled along parts of the Silk Road. I am planning to travel along the chinese part of the Silk Road from Beijing to Kashgar as soon as I can. Greetings from Cologne.

    1. Vanessa, Hi! Lucky you. I really want to travel as much of the Silk Route as I can. Some parts are so isolated, and they really call to me! (I love Cologne!)

      1. Corinne and Jim, it’s not that long ago since I stumbled upon your Blog, but I like it, so I have nominated you for the Liebster Award and I would be glad if you participate. If you like to, you’ll find all the details here:


        All the best from Cologne.

  8. Lovely to meet you Corinne and Jim – I’m looking forward to following your travels. I get to Germany quite a lot for work – I’m not sure if we’ve been to Schweinfurth – but we’ve certainly been in Nurnberg and Erfurt , so in that part of the country at least.

    I see you’ve been to Iceland – I’d love to visit there ….
    Going for a wander around your archives now :)
    Fil’s Place – Old Songs and Memories

    1. Fil, Nice to meet you as well. We haven’t been to Iceland, but we’re planning a trip in a few weeks. We lived in Alaska and have many posts and photos that are from there. I see you did the A-Z challenge…lots of work! Happy Weekend.

  9. Just stumbled across your blog. What a lovely intro! You elicited a few smiles out of me already. Looking forward to reading more about your adventures and am very encouraged that you have been doing this for so long AND raised kids while doing it! We’ll be starting a family soon, and I don’t want our traveling to end then!

    1. Donna…Oh yeah. For me, a jeepney is high on my list of fun transportation I’ve ridden in. Food we had less luck, but I think if and when we go back we’d do better, because I’ve done more research about it since then. I love, love, love Palawan!

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