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Welcome to ReflectionsEnroute!

Jim and Corinne travel experts

Self driving safaris in Africa!

We are Corinne and Jim, an American couple whose work takes us around the world. We’re currently living in Germany but we’ve been based in Turkey, South Korea, Japan, and the Netherlands over the past twenty years. Living in these far flung places has allowed us to travel and explore to our hearts content. We’re not truly nomadic, yet, but we like to think we get the best of both worlds with a solid home base to return to while still living large out in the big wide world. We fill up our available travel time with European road trips, one or two-week country explorations, African safaris, and weekend breaks to new cities, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and other local treasures. For some of the details about where we’ve been and what we’ve done, visit our Places page.

Jim and Corinne travel experts

European train travel adventures!

Travel Philosophy

Together we have been to more than 85 countries. We have traveled the globe riding horses, camels, elephants, electric bikes, automobiles, vans, trucks, trains, float planes, jet aircraft, boats, and ships. Our travel philosophy focuses on the journey as part of the adventure while keeping the budget low and the experience quality high. We believe anyone can find a way to get out and see the world and discover new things about themselves and the world they live in. Travel opens the eyes and the mind to new things, new ideas, new tastes, and new experiences.

Jim and Corinne travel experts

Culinary delights around the world!

ReflectionsEnroute showcases our travel photography and writing, handing out advice and inspiration to everyone on how to get out and travel regardless if they are married, single, have children, or on a tight budget. We do our best to provide you with current information at the time of publication and perform routine updates to keep our articles as up to date and as complete as possible.

Jim and Corinne travel experts

Trekking off the beaten path!

Work With US

Traveling is not only about the destination, but it is also about meeting new people, making new friends and creating collaborative partnerships. We actively seek out new opportunities to bring our travels to our growing online audience (we reach nearly 200,000 across a variety of social media outlets). We have partnered with private organizations, official tourism offices, and private individuals around the world. Our goal is to make all travel and any destination accessible to everybody through trip planning, reviews, press or fam trips, and social media takeovers.

Jim and Corinne travel experts

All weather travelers!

We do accept advertising on our website in the form of banner ads which you will see on our side panel. Take a look at our disclaimer and privacy policy pages for more information. If you are interested in working with us or have any questions about our website or policies, please email us by using the contact page.

Jim and Corinne travel experts

Media Kit available on request.

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