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As we travel, we try to eat well. We collect as much food and restaurant knowledge as possible. As self-proclaimed foodies, we want to experience the freshest and best local and traditional foods, and we want to do it in great restaurants. Then we come back and share this newly gained knowledge with you.

Some of the questions we like to answer are:

  • What is the most typical meal or dish in a country?
  • What are the local products and how are they incorporated in the regional cuisine? For this, we usually visit a few markets and grocery stores. It’s for research. Really, it is!
  • What do the locals eat? Even though we love pizza and burgers, we’re looking for the food that’s always been eaten in this location.
  • Where do they eat? We’re not looking for restaurants for tourists. We want the real deal.
  • What the best restaurants to try? Michelin starred, sure. However, we know that there’s amazing quick eats and street food everywhere you go as well, and we’re into it.
  • How can we eat on a budget in this country?
  • What will the kids like?

There’s so much to experience, to learn. Come along with us as we continue to add to our country food guides.


If you love to find the best food while traveling, make sure to read these country food guides before you go.

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