Cool Things to do in Copenhagen

The Best Things to do in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is known as the city of hygge (pronounced hue-guh not hoo-gah), or in other words, chilling out.  It may not be the beach or a secluded cabin in the woods, but there’s something about this northern European city that is relaxing. Maybe it’s being near the water; maybe it’s the “leave you alone” attitude of the Danes, but whatever it is, it’s an amazing feeling in a beautiful locale. We’ve written this helpful Copenhagen City Guide to help you plan your visit and find all the fun, unusual, and cool things to do in Copenhagen to make the most of your time in this beautiful Danish city.

How to Visit Botswana!

Warthog piglet in Botswana.

On our Botswana self-drive, we visited so many places and did a number of game drives where we saw tons of amazing wildlife. It’s a trip of a lifetime, so visit Botswana.

What to do on Mongolia Trip

A yak and a ger, a typical scene all over Mongolia.

“Mongolia?” Our colleagues once again looked at us with concern, or maybe it was incredulousness, or maybe just confusion. It’s hard to interpret their faces and words sometimes, but it always basically means, “What are you thinking?”  It didn’t stop us, though, it was planned and we were packed and ready to go to a country that really isn’t on too many people’s list. The trip we were going on was a nine day steppe, Gobi, wilderness road trip in a 7 seat, 15 year old Russian military van. We booked the trip the entire tour with  Bobbi at the UB guesthouse in Ulaan Baator . She was extremely helpful and tailored our trip to our exact requirements. Planning and Booking …

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The Pyramids of Giza, Are They Worth It?

Pyramids of Giza Egypt.

Where is your favorite place in the world? I often get this question when talking to people about my travels. I never have an answer. There are so many awe-inspiring places, sights, foods, and people that choosing just one is impossible. Like many people, I grew up with ideas of places I wanted to go when I was older, and someplace I always wanted to go was Egypt! The continent of Africa has always been a draw, but the top of that list, just like its place on the continent is Egypt. I couldn’t wait to go. The Pyramids of Giza In our Social Studies classes at school, one part of the textbook was devoted to those ancient Egyptians whose …

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Visiting Vietnam

Vietnam! Exotic, full of history, great markets, museums, and the best noodles in the world! Click here to find out what to do in this amazing Asian country, and start planning your trip today!

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