How to Cook Spargel and a Recipe for White Asparagus

Read: Spargel or White Asparagus Sandwich

Every year, here in Germany, they go wild about spargel. What is spargel? White gold…er, um, I mean white asparagus. Pulled from a protective row of soil, never having seen the light of day, this delectable veggie comes out a pretty cream color. We love it, and we think you will too, so we’re going to tell you how to buy it, prepare it, peel it, cook it, and put it into one fantastic recipe. White asparagus will be forever on your menu, that’s for sure. Jump to Our Brunch – Spargel Toast Recipe Why is White Asparagus or Spargel so Popular?

12 Variations of Schnitzel or Mmmm… Pork for Every Month Recipes

12 Variations of Schnitzel or Mmmm... Pork for Every Month Recipes

It’s All About the Pork Schnitzel Sauce! Since living in Germany, I have discovered that my Mom’s version of Wiener Schnitzel just doesn’t exist in the real world. Seriously, I have no idea where she learned or made up that recipe, but there are so many variations on this delicious dish and yet hers is not one of them. Naturally, schnitzel is on our list of foods you must eat when visiting Germany. You see, making the schnitzel is one thing; it’s pretty straight forward. Measure, cut, pound, fry, and serve, but the magic happens when you start developing the schnitzel toppings or better yet, fillings, for these amazing pork dishes. We’ve come up with 12 ways to serve schnitzel …

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My First Love – Traditional German Schnitzel Recipe!

Traditional German Schnitzel Recipe

If you’ve never been to Germany or Austria you may not be familiar with this meat dish. Traditional German schnitzel is definitely on our must try foods list for Germany. It is a flat, breaded and fried slice of pure goodness, one of my favorite foods in the entire world. When I’m tired, worn out, sick of the usual work grind and I want a home-cooked, feel good meal, I always want schnitzel. About once a year, my mother used to make her version of Wiener Schnitzel, found no where in the entire world except her kitchen, and it became one of those meals that just feels like a hug from her. It’s that good! Since moving to Germany, we …

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Mongolian Food – Khuushuur Recipe

A bit travel weary and dirty since we hadn’t had a shower in three days, our adventure was still in its early stages when we learned a couple important lessons. What is traditional Mongolian food, and what is khuushuur? We had been in Mongolia for about three days, and we had hired a Russian van and driver to take six of us around the country, hitting the all the major sights.  We were excited, and maybe a bit naive to what this would mean.  We didn’t even take the hint when Jack, our driver, made a supermarket stop on the edge of Ulaanbaatar right at the beginning of our nine day journey.  None of us really stocked up on much, …

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Traditional Turkish Borek Recipe

Turkish borek is one of the many comfort foods you will find in Turkey. There are many different kinds, but they are all delicious. Click here to learn how to make it with our traditional borek recipe.

Turkish Food – Bulgur – A Tasty Side Dish!

Bulgur When I lived in Turkey before, your main course was always accompanied by white rice with pine nuts (pilav – pronounced “pilau”). Nowadays, due to increased prices, white rice is often not available. What the Turks have done instead is substitute it with bulgur pilav, which is not rice at all, but cracked wheat. It is prepared with a tomato sauce and has become one of my favorite parts of the meal. Unfortunately, as in many Asian countries, the bulgur is not always served warm. It’s still tasty cold, but no where’s near so as when served straight off the range. It is extremely healthy, and even more so without any meat in it.  We went to a friend’s …

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Khinkali Recipe – The Dumpling from Georgia

Khinkali Recipe - Georgian Dumplings

On my way to Georgia, I was on a mission. I had researched the local dumpling, khinkali, and was fascinated by it. I love the way it looks, the way people eat it. I definitely wanted to learn how to make it, but could not find a cooking lesson advertised anywhere. Jump to Recipes Simple Dough Meat Filling Potato Filling Cheese Filling Upon our arrival, the first thing we did was pick up our rental car. Jim always makes those reservations, and I didn’t realize that it wasn’t just a rental place, it was a full on tourist agency. While we sat and did all the paperwork, which was more time consuming than usual since we were taking the car to Armenia …

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Harvest Mushroom Soup Recipe

Mushroom Soup Recipe

When the wind starts blowing, and the leaves start falling, there is just nothing that warms you up better than this. I like to highlight foods I’ve found while traveling. Usually, it is something that is not very well-known in the States, but many people eat mushroom soup in the U.S.A. Hopefully this is a new twist on an old recipe. Mushroom soup is such a warming comfort food! We first had this soup in one of our favorite restaurants in Misawa, Japan. Northern Japan can be very cold and snowy, so every now and then during those long winters we would head down to the Russian restaurant for this delicious warm up. The chef and owner of the restaurant had …

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