Travel is food. Food is travel. For us, traveling over the last 35+ years, we travel and eat. We collect local recipes. We attend culinary events and lessons. We love food and we love sharing our international recipes with you.

Mongolian Food – Khuushuur Recipe

Mongolia Food Khuushuur Recipe.

Mongolian food is largely meat and dairy products, but we found some great ones to try. Our favorite was the fried dumpling, Khuushuur. We’ve included a recipe. Click here to learn more.

The Fabulous Eggplant!

The Turks use eggplant (patlican) in such a variety of dishes from mezzes (appetizers) to the main course, it’s a rare meal out that I don’t order it.

12 Variations of Schnitzel or Mmmm… Pork for Every Month Recipes

12 Variations of Schnitzel or Mmmm... Pork for Every Month Recipes.

Since living in Germany, I have discovered that my Mom’s version of Wiener Schnitzel just doesn’t exist in the real world. Seriously, I have no idea where she learned or made up that recipe, but there are so many variations on this delicious dish and yet hers is not one of them. Naturally, schnitzel is on our list of foods you must eat when visiting Germany. It’s All About the Pork Schnitzel Sauce! You see, making the schnitzel is one thing; it’s pretty straight forward. Measure, cut, pound, fry, and serve, but the magic happens when you start developing the schnitzel toppings or better yet, fillings, for these amazing pork dishes. We’ve come up with 12 ways to serve schnitzel …

12 Variations of Schnitzel or Mmmm… Pork for Every Month Recipes Read More »

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