Top Ten Things To Do In Bolzano, Italy

Looking for the perfect Italian holiday? A road trip through the gorgeous Dolomite Mountains and staying in Bolzano is just what you want! This romantic and charming city has plenty things to do and see, and great restaurants and shopping. Click here and start planning your Bolzano visit today.

Sun-washed Sidewalks in Split, Croatia

Split, Croatia

  Continuing on our road trip in Croatia, our next stop is Split. A gorgeous coastal city, we spent one day here, but if you have more, here is a good 2 day Split itinerary. At the height of its glory, Diocletian’s palace must have been an amazing sight–built right on the water’s edge. During the fourth century it was all one massive complex of temples, palaces, walls, gates, baths, and everything else you would expect to find in a Roman Emperor’s palace.

Why is Chefchaouen Blue?

Basking in the Blue in Chefaouen, Morocco

On our Moroccan road trip, one place we were destined to go was Chefchaouen. It is impossible to do any research on tourism in Morocco without coming across stunning photo after stunning photo of this city in blue, and we certainly weren’t going to be left out. We had high expectations; would Chefchaouen meet them? Would we be able to find out why is Chefchaouen blue? Visiting Chefchaouen Why is Chefchaouen Blue? Maybe…to ward off mosquitoes, the color of sky and sea, to keep it cool, or to make lots of money from tourists! I had previously traveled in Rajhastan, India and they have a blue city as well, Jodhpur. There the people believe that painting their houses blue will …

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