Checking Out the Roman City of Caesarea in Israel

The ancient mosque at Caesarea.

A fantastic site located between Tel Aviv and Haifa, Caesarea in Israel, are Roman ruins worth the visit. Touted as one of the most impressive archaeological sites in Israel, Caesarea is recommended on almost every website I read prior to jumping on the plane. I made a special effort, twice, to get there. I was determined,  and it didn’t disappoint me. Built originally in 586 BC by the Phoenicians, it’s been rebuilt and prosperous or conquered and destitute,  off and on for the last couple of millenia. Probably it’s best times were seen during the reign of King Herod of Roman fame, and he is the one who named it Caesarea after his patron Augustus Caesar. Herod improved on this tiny …

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Is Travel to Israel Safe?

Families out for a stroll in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The situation in the country changes rapidly at any given time. Tensions can rise and flare out of control with little to no warning. So that age old question should still be asked: Is it safe to travel to Israel? With the constant over-stimulation of media in everyone’s lives, people are becoming more afraid to travel to certain areas. Images of terrorism, violence, and brutality can definitely shape your travel plans. At the same time, so many places around the world experience these flareups only briefly and in confined areas. I believe Israel is definitely one of those places. When we were planning our travel to Israel, we checked and the U.S. Department of State website advice, “The security environment …

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Visit Skellig Michael

World Heritage Site Skellig Michael.

Unesco, Force Awakens, puffins. Where on earth are we? We just love takiing you to places you might not have heard of; today – Skellig Michael

Rush Hour in the Kerala Backwaters

Kerala Backwaters taxi boat with passengers.

Trundling through the backwaters of Kerala, I was surprised how many people live there. In my mind, I imagined it to be this pristine natural environment, and we’d be more apt to see birds and monkeys than people. I couldn’t be more wrong, and it made the experience all the better. Transportation around the world is fascinating, isn’t it? This is a commuter boat taxi taking most of the workers to a bus station where they will then go on road to their place of employment. Commuting to Work! We were on the water for about two and a half days. How relaxing! The staff did everything from the moment they carried our bags to our rooms. They drove the …

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