Our Journey to Becoming a Foodie – It’s Not Mama’s Homecooking Anymore

Streets and Eats podcast episode 3- our journey to becoming a foodie

How do you become a foodie? For us, it was quite the journey. We had to learn what was good local food and how to find it? Do want in on the secrets?   Or you can subscribe to one of these to get the latest episodes right in your feed! Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Spotify Amazon Music Deezer In this episode of Streets and Eats, Jim and Corinne discuss their long road to becoming foodies. From their humble beginnings of being from large families that had more important things to do than training their palates, to scoping out the best places to eat in all the cities and countries that they’ve visited. Looking back on growth always includes a …

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A Travel Guide to China

One of the reasons I think people travel, is to get out of their comfort zone.  There is no place better to do this than China.  It certainly was a lesson in our travel evolution. I’ve been to China on numerous occasions, and it has never failed to show me something new and exotic.  Very much like the U.S., China is so big that you cannot really get a sense of it unless you travel further than just Beijing.  Like in most capital cities, Beijing is crowded, busy, and used to seeing foreigners.  There is plenty to see and do there, but getting out and meeting the people will make all the difference in a trip. The first time I …

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Japanese Street Food

Ingredients for Takoyaki

  Taiyaki, Yakisoba, and Okonomiyaki…oh my! Usually the best street food is found in festivals, and this is true as well in Japan.  However, there are some districts in Tokyo that always have that festival feel and the best street food can be found there any day of the week.  All of the snacks I mention here were had in the Asakusa district of Tokyo. Taiyaki These little fish-shaped cakes look so yummy, and they are if you love red bean paste. Some have been known to be filled with a custard, but I don’t know the difference or how to ask for the custard, so I just pass them by. Azuki, or red bean paste, is not my favorite flavor. These little cakes are so …

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