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Unique Things You Can Do Only in Japan

Are you planning a trip to Japan? Do it right! Choose to do some of these things you can only do in Japan! In this episode, we recount all the wonderful and wierd things that only this amazing country has to offer.

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Show Notes

06:30 – Cultural activities unique to Japan, Parades, Festivals, etc

37:00 – Japanese food and food experiences

51:30 – Outdoor activities

Unique things to do in Japan

Cultural Activities You Can Only Do In Japan

I'm pretty sure no one will argue with me when I state that Japan, culturally, is completely different than anything we are used to.

To begin with you are more apt to find Buddhist temples and Shinto Shrines than churches and cathedrals (although they do exist).

Also, even things we share and do in the West, are done completely differently, like singing Karaoke or the multitude of festivals that you come across.

Check out this list of cultural activities:

Japanese Food and Food-related Activities

Japanese food is famous worldwide, from the well-known like sushi and ramen, to lesser known dishes and things you can do that revolve around food. Any foodie would love doing some of the things we have on this list:

Outdoor Experiences in Japan

Japan is one stunning country, and even in the midst of Tokyo, you can find some superb green space.

We've traveled from coast to coast and found so many fun things to do outdoors, check them out!


Make sure you check out this podcast and these articles of things to do while you are in Japan. You will want to keep going back again and again!

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