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  • Visiting a Chiang Mai Elephant Sanctuary
    Have you always wanted to spend some amazing quality time with elephants? There are plenty of elephant sanctuaries near Chiang Mai, and we tell you all about how to choose the right one, what we did, and what we thought about it. Spoiler Alert! We loved it!
  • First Timers Guide to Rothenburg ob der Tauber
    Planning a trip to Germany? I’ll bet you want to go to the absolute, most charming city in the country, right? Hands down that’s Rothenburg ob der Tauber, and we’ll tell you all you need to know to have the best time.
  • A Visit to the Ancient Archaeological Site of Olympia
    Do you love the Olympic games? If so, you need to visit the ancient archaeological site of Olympia, where the Olympic games began on your trip to Greece.
  • Peloponnese Road Trip Through Ancient Greece [2024]
    Who’s in for a spectacular road trip through ancient Greece? With stunning landscapes, pristine turquoise waters, tasty dishes, and plenty of things to do and see, a Peloponnese Road Trip is perfect! Read on as we tell you all about the great things we’ve learned on our recent journey.
  • Things to do in Athens in 2 Days
    Are you planning a trip to Greece? Of course, Athens will be your first port of call. We’ve got all the things to do in Athens when you only have 2 days. Check out this itinerary!
  • How to Pack a Day Trip Bag — the Fast and Easy Way
    Packing a day trip bag is fast and easy with a printable packing checklist and a small prepacked day trip essentials kit.
  • TeamLab Planets Tokyo
    Are you looking to have the most unique and fun activities while you are visiting Tokyo? Well, one of the most fun, out-of-this-world activities we did was TeamLab Planets!
  • How to Take Part in Cherry Blossom Season in Japan
    Haven’t you always wanted to take park in the cherry blossom season in Japan? Well now you can. We’ll tell you when and where to go, as well as what to expect during the best season to visit this amazing country.
  • Mont Orgueil Castle on Jersey Island
    Do you love exploring castles from faraway lands? Mont Orgueil is as faraway as it gets, and it’s one of our favorite castles we’ve visited of all time! Find out why!