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  • Top 10 Things to Do in Singapore
    Heading to Singapore? Whether you can take a long layover or you have business or you’re just on vacation, here’s the Top 10 things we know you’ll love in Singapore!
  • Gardens by the Bay, Singapore’s Highlight Attraction!
    Are you planning a visit to Singapore? One of the most iconic sites to visit is the Gardens By the Bay, with its famous supertrees and bio-domes. Click through to find out more.
  • Kakadu National Park, Rock Art, Wildlife, Waterfalls
    Would you love cruising through a Yellow Water Billabong teeming with birds and crocodiles and wandering through ancient Aboriginal rock art sites? Kakadu National Park in Australia has these and more.
  • Litchfield National Park, land of gorgeous waterfalls
    Do you love waterfalls? Would you swim in a deep clear pool below a huge waterfall? Australia’s Litchfield National Park has several gorgeous waterfalls, lots of scenic trails, and unusual termite mounds.
  • An Amazing Road Trip Tunisia [10 Day Itinerary & Guide]
    Are you looking to book a magical and amazing trip to North Africa? Tunisia has it all, from Roman ruins to scenes from “Star Wars”. Our Road Trip Tunisia Travel Guide has all you need to know! Find out more here and start your planning!
  • Drive and Hike the Stunning Cap Fréhel in France
    Looking for some great hiking and beautiful landscapes in northern France? Cap Fréhel or Cape Frehel is the place for you! With 2 lighthouses and a fort nearby there’s plenty to do. Check it out!
  • Our Top Ten Wildlife Encounters Around the World
    Ring-tailed lemurs, blue-footed boobies, and Komodo dragons are just a few of the amazing wildlife encounters we’ve experienced. Listen in as we countdown our top ten wild animal sightings from our travels around the world.
  • Trip to Armenia
    Have you always wanted to explore Armenia? Among other things, it’s the first nation to accept Christianity, but it has plenty more to offer as well. In this podcast, we talk about the three days we visited this little known country.
  • Our Epic Full Day in Qatar, The Best Long Stopover in Doha
    Have you ever wanted to visit Qatar and your’s just not sure how? Taking a Stopover is the way to go. In just a few days, you can see and do so many fun things in Doha and its surroundings.