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  • Isle of Wight Planning Guide
    Are you looking for an escape from the wet, rainy English countryside? Head to the always sunny Isle of Wight. Queen Victoria herself loved to go there. Follow our Isle of Wight Planning Guide to figure out how to visit this amazing island during your stay in the United Kingdom.
  • A Day Trip to Ba Na Hills in Danang, Vietnam
    Are you traveling in Vietnam and looking for just a fun day out? Ba Na Hills near Danang is fun for kids of all ages. Whether you want to see the Golden Hands Bridge or just have fun eating, drinking, riding the rides, and enjoying a fair-like atmosphere, there’s something for everyone!
  • Unique Things You Can Do Only in Japan
    Are you planning a trip to Japan? Do it right! Choose to do some of these things you can only do in Japan! In this episode, we recount all the wonderful and wierd things that only this amazing country has to offer.
  • A Short Visit to the Corinth Canal
    Do you love quick stops that take your breath away? That’s exactly what the Corinth Canal can do. It’s a quick stop along the road, but there’s plenty of reasons to make sure it’s on your itinerary, not least of which is that i’s just gorgeous!
  • An Epic German Wine Vineyard Tour
    Do you love wine? German white wines? If so, a German wine vineyard tour should be on your bucket list! Read along as we tell you about the epic time we had at the Singer-Fischer Vineyard in Germany.
  • A Vist to Diros Caves, Greece
    Are you a bit of an adventurer? Do you like exploring unique cave systems around the world? Diros Caves has a long history in Greek mythology and is definitely different. Read on to find out about our experience in this beautiful cave
  • Changing of the Guard in Athens Greece
    Are you visiting Greece? If so, don’t miss the Changing of the Guard in Athens. The unique and historical uniforms and maneuvers are amazing.
  • A Visit to Mystras, Hiking to a Byzantine Castle
    Do you love traipsing around some great castle ruins? How about a fantastic springtime hike up in the beautiful mountains of Greece? We do, and we really enjoyed our visit to Mystras, especially our scramble up to the castle.
  • The Two Best Museums in Athens Greece
    When visiting Athens, don’t miss the Acropolis Museum and the National Archaeological Museum. They’re the best museums in Athens with amazing Greek artifacts.