Rendezvous with Rovers with Nathan of Foodie Flashpacker

Welcome to Weekend Travel Inspiration and another traveler interview on our Rendezvous with Rovers series. This week we interview Nathan from Foodie Flashpacker. You may remember Nathan from a guest post he did on our site on the food of the Azores. Read on and find out all about Nathan’s travels. Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Nathan Aguilera and I’m from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I’ve been solo traveling for four years now. When I initially began my trip I planned to spend six-months traveling around SE Asia. I had no idea that I would still be traveling four years later with no plans to stop anytime soon! I’m currently based in Merida, Mexico. I’ll spend the winter …

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Passports Or Pass With Emily and DT from DTV

Passports or Pass Travel Game Show With DTV

Will Emily and DT Keep The Passports or Should It Be a Pass? Welcome back to another fascinating look into the lives of some of our fellow travelers. For our weekly dose of Weekend Travel Inspiration, we have a new episode of Passports or Pass  where we meet up with Emily and DT, two Americans living in Bavaria. DT runs DTV Daniel Television which has been taking off on Facebook with some incredible travel videos. He was a top competitor for the recent WOW Air Travel Guide video contest with around 100,000 views on Facebook and YouTube. If you haven’t watched This is Weiden yet, check it out. He did an excellent job showing off the place Corinne and I …

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How to Cook Spargel and a Recipe for White Asparagus

Read: Spargel or White Asparagus Sandwich

Every year, here in Germany, they go wild about spargel. What is spargel? White gold…er, um, I mean white asparagus. Pulled from a protective row of soil, never having seen the light of day, this delectable veggie comes out a pretty cream color. We love it, and we think you will too, so we’re going to tell you how to buy it, prepare it, peel it, cook it, and put it into one fantastic recipe. White asparagus will be forever on your menu, that’s for sure. Jump to Our Brunch – Spargel Toast Recipe Why is White Asparagus or Spargel so Popular?

Street Art in Linz, Austria

Linz has some great street art. Check out Mural Harbor and find out all about the artists that painted there. Click here for the full story.

Best Places to Visit in Germany in Summer

Summer in Germany. There really is no other place like it on Earth. The sun has beaten back the clouds and the rain, spring has come and gone leaving the country covered in green. Leafy trees provide breezy canopies for the many beer gardens. Grassy alpine meadows high up in the mountains are perfect for hiking, biking, or even gliding over in a paraglider. Cities and towns are alive with music, children playing, and fine food and drink. This is, perhaps, the best time of year for visiting Germany. With that in mind we’ve put together a collection of some of our travel blogger friends’ best German Summer experiences. Check them out and start making plans today! Disclaimer: Some of …

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Rendezvous With Rovers – Tamason From Travelling Book Junkie

Welcome back to our inspiring interview series, Rendezvous with Rovers, where we continually get inspired by these intrepid travelers and travel bloggers. This week we’re introducing you to Tamason of Travelling Book Junkie. Tell us a little about yourself.  Originally from the UK we always knew that travel would be a major part of our lives. When we first met 20 years ago Paul was in the Armed Forces and I was studying to become a Secondary School Teacher but realistically I think even then, we both felt that we wanted to do something different. Society has always dictated that we should gain a good education, develop a strong career and then purchase a house, have children and grow old …

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Where To Go For the Best Summer in Europe

Europe! Here at Reflections Enroute we can’t get enough of it, with it’s quaintness, it’s beauty, it’s history! Welcome back to our travel in Europe during “All Seasons” series. We have compiled lists for what to do in Europe for fall, winter, and spring seasons, and now everyones favorite, summer! We’ve asked some top travelers where they suggest you go in summer in Europe. They’ve listed some cities, beaches, lakes, and mountains. It all sounds good to me.  Why, oh why, can’t summer last all year?

Yosemite National Park – UNESCO World Heritage Site

Yosemite National Park UNESCO World Heritage

Can you believe that I’ve been married to a native Californian for over 25 years; we visit the state at least every other year, and I had never been to Yosemite National Park?! We’ve been to national parks all over the country like Denali, Theodore Roosevelt, and even hard to get to Katmai, but never Yosemite. John Muir, Ansel Adams, my cousin’s kids, and over 3 million people per year…it seems everyone has made it to the US’ premier national park before I did. And to top it all, UNESCO had inscribed Yosemite National Park on the World Heritage List due to its exceptional natural and scenic beauty. Why hadn’t we visited? But I finally made it and it didn’t …

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Best Things To Do in Wroclaw

Wrocław, pronounced “Rotes – slav”, is a beautiful Polish medieval city with a vibrant cultural scene. Looking at the restored buildings in the historic center one can imagine what life may have been like four or five hundred years ago, while sipping a nice Starbucks café latte macchiato! The view from this café is incredible and, of course, free wifi is always enticing. But we weren’t in Poland to check the pulse of globalization; we were far more interested in getting out and walking the city, and finding the absolute best things to do in Wroclaw. Along our walk we found dwarfs galore  and an enormous 360 degree panorama painting, markets, museums, as well as the best pierogies I’ve ever eaten. It’s …

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