Hong Kong Wishing Tree Lady

Wishing Tree Lady

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A little jaunt to the Hong Kong wishing tree…what fun!
Wishing Tree Lady

Hong Kong is such a fascinating, chaotic, loud, fun city! There is so much to do, but we’d had quite enough of the hustle and bustle, so we went searching for a little peace and quiet, along with a bit of quirkiness.

The Tin Hau Temple in Lam Tsuen takes a little effort to get there, but we found the bus, and it dropped us off right outside the grounds.

As you enter, you go to a sales booth and find a lady, like the one pictured, to sell you some wishing paper. You write your wish, tie the paper to an orange and take your little wishing contraption with you to one of two trees.

Actually, when we were there, one tree needed to be cleaned of all the wishes, so we only could use one of the trees. Both trees had metal supports holding up the branches as the wishes add so much weight to the tree.

Arriving at your tree, you wind up and let go, throwing your orange as high in the air as possible, hoping that the string will wind up over a branch.

Tin Hau, is the Goddess of the Sea, and she brings good luck to fisherman, and anyone who lives or makes their money from the sea. She is very popular in coastal Chinese villages.

Surprisingly, throwing an orange up into a tree isn’t as easy as it sounds and it took us a few tries, but we finally succeeded, and enjoyed the peaceful surroundings of the temple.

If you happen to be in Hong Kong, it’s worth the trip.

Here is how you get there:

•Bus 64K or 64P at MTR Tai Po Market Station, get off at Fong Ma Po Station.
•Minibus 25K and get off at Lam Tsuen Wishing Trees.
•MTR Tai Wo Station and take a taxi

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