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After 35 years of traveling independently, let us help you determine the best things to do on your trip.

DIY Travel is just that, saving you money as you determine the best things to do, see, and eat at your destination.

Corinne and Jim Vail on their Dalat Countryside Motorbike Tour.How will you do it? Just search for the destination of your choice, and see where we can help you plan.

We have been to over 90 countries. We’ve road-tripped, gone by train, and of course do a lot of sightseeing while we’re there. We love world-heritage sites, history, especially Roman, and getting to know the culture.

We do this through getting out and spending time with locals, mostly by booking private cooking lessons. However, we also just spark up conversations in restaurants, on paid activities, and anywhere else that it’s appropriate.

Join us in exploring our amazing Earth!