Elephant Orphanage in Sri Lanka

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I love elephants!

Elephant Orphanage Sri Lanka

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The first thing we did upon arriving in Sri Lanka was go to the elephant orphanage. At first, I thought it wasn’t anything special, because the first elephants I saw were in the covered corral. They were feeding a baby a bottle, and offered to let people help, but it was somewhat like a zoo. However, right away one of the mahouts told us to follow him. He was going out into the palm field to call in the other elephants and walk them to the river.

He called and they came lumbering their way towards us. One youngster pushed and pulled us, propelling us with him. A mahout scolded him, and he even looked a bit impish and pushed us one more time, just like any precocious youngster pushing his boundaries. It was fantastic.

All of us, elephants, mahouts, and visitors walked down to the river where we watched the elephants drink, bathe, play, run, and just have a fun time. Many crowded on the edge of the water, some waded in, and three teenagers looked like they were making a break for it. I swear I could almost see them sneak out their cigarettes and turn their backs on authority…hmmm.

Visting the orphanage was a perfect way to start off our Sri Lankan visit and I would highly recommend it to anyone who goes.

Have you been to Sri Lanka? Did you go to the elephant orphanage? Tell the truth, did you buy those youngsters some cigarettes?


  1. Oh my gosh I have a friend who just there not too long ago, Corinne! I absolutely love, love elephants – so regal and majestic. I would want to take the baby home with me…I know, it would grow up 🙂

    1. Mike, I think that elephants, albeit expensive to feed maybe, would make the best companions. They have so much personality…so smart! I think Phoenix would teach him right, too!

  2. I’ve never been to Sri Lanka but touching, riding and feeding elephants is definitely on my bucket list. but i don’t understand the cigarette thing.

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