The Best Hummus in Israel


One of the things I was really looking forward to when visiting Israel, was the food. Especially the hummus and felafel. I love hummus, and I’m a pretty big fan of felafel.

As you know, we rented a car and drove around the country. One of the big problems with this is timing. Sometimes it’s easier to wait until you are at a good stopping point, or you are just trying to get somewhere and you forget to eat. We did this on our way to the Roman ruins of Caesarea or Kaysaria. It’s a little south of Haifa where we were staying and we really wanted to see the ruins so he had to backtrack a little.

Meantime it’s about 2:00 in the afternoon and the hotel breakfast has long worn off. We were starving. Jim hadn’t even shut his door and I was already in this hummus stand, advertising fresh from the farm,  hummus, right outside the ticket gate of Caesarea.

The menu was in Hebrew, and I was too hungry to ask for the English menu, so I just said fill us up! I meant it. I wanted hummus and felafel, anyway you think I should have it.

Hummus Restaurant

Amit served us the traditional hummus with chickpeas and a hard-boiled egg. Beyond delicious! Then we brought over some pickled carrots, tomato, and onion, along with some pita and we just dug in. Pure heaven!

We could have had mushrooms (which we went back and tried another time and they were other-worldly), with chicken or meat, with a little spice. Quite frankly I don’t even know all the ways hummus is served. But one thing I know, they are all good.


The piece de resistance was the felafel.  I read in the all-knowing copy of the Lonely Planet that the best felafel is green and gooey when bitten into, and oh was it ever good!

As I said, we went back again and told Amit and his partner that this was the best hummus in the country. Now, granted, we were only there a short time, but we never even came close to the freshness of this shack. I highly recommend to everyone on their way to Caesarea not to miss it!

Here’s the place.  Don’t pass it by!

Hummus Stand

As I’m sure you know, hummus is not the only wonderful food offered in Israel, take a look at this post for a full Israel food guide from Sher.

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