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What is Alpha-Gal Syndrome?

What is alpha-gal Syndrome, and why do I have to worry about it? Our guest this week, Sage, travels with this malady and tells us all about what it is, how to avoid it, how to travel with it, and so much more. If you have ever worried about traveling with a chronic illness, this is a great podcast to listen to.

Sage, a fellow travel blogger that we’ve followed for a couple of years, is an expert in her field. We love reading her stories and finding out some of the great places she’s been. What we weren’t aware of was that for the last few years, she’s been traveling around with alpha-gal syndrome, and we were curious to say the least.

A tick-borne disease, alpha-gal has a plethora of symptoms, none of which are comfortable or easy to travel with. Luckily, Sage has figured it all out and has started a full blog called Sage Alpha-Gal where you can find out so much more.

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Sage of Alpha-Gal behind the scenes, shooting in a sunflower field.

Show Notes

01:05 – What is alpha-gal syndrome?

04:50 – How did Sage find out about it?

07:00 – How to medically diagnose alpha-gal

10:00 – Precautions to avoid tick bites

13:30 – Alpha-gal in Australia

16:30 – Dealing with alpha-gal or other allergies while traveling

22:00 – How Sage handles allergic reactions

33:00 – Research trends on alpha-gal

Sage, of Alpha-Gal, and Synke at the East Side Gallery in Berlin

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Sage Alpha-Gal with a vintage pickup truck.
Sage Alpha-Gal in Hollywood.

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Sage of Alpha-Gal and Everyday Wanderer.

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