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All About Tiramisu – The Delicious and Trendy Italian Dessert

When you go out to eat, do you plan what you are having for dessert first? We do, especially if Tiramisu is on the menu. In this podcast, we interview two ladies who know all there is to know about Tiramisu. They were even invited to be judges at the Tiramisu World Cup in Treviso, Italy!

As we love Tiramisu, well, Jim more than me…we couldn’t wait to hear more about the Tiramisu World Cup held annually in Treviso, Italy. And what’s more, why were our American guests Christina and Cynthia invited to judge?

What a story it is, too! We learned so much about authentic tiramisu, and just in case we want to enter ours sometime in the future, we needed to find out all the ins and outs of making a great tiramisu. Our tiramisu recipe, it turns out, isn’t as authentic as we originally thought. To find out why, you need to listen to the experts explain it to us.

It turns out there’s an entire institution devoted to this delicious dessert, the Tiramisu Academy, and they have some pretty strict rules on what constitutes an authentic dish. While we do deviate from their recipe a little, I still prefer mine even if it isn’t necessarily “authentic.” No matter what, if you love Tiramisu, you are going to love this episode.

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Christina and Cynthia - Tiramisu World Cup Judges in Treviso, Italy.

Show Notes

01:30 – What constitutes a traditional, authentic tiramisu?

05:00 – Making tiramisu at the world championship

08:00 – Starting the California Chapter of the Tiramisu Academy

11:00 – Does authenticate tiramisu have alcohol in it?

15:00 – Some alternative tiramisu recipes

20:00 – Judging the Tiramisu World Championship competition

23:45 – World Porridge Championship in Scotland

30:15 – Scotch Pie Competition

35:15 – Some final thoughts on food purity and social nutritional trends

A Tiramisu entry for the World Cup competition in Treviso, Italy.

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The Tiramisu World Cup

The Scottish Porridge Contest – The Golden Spurtle

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Cynthia's Tiramisu.
Christina - a judge for the Tiramisu World Cup.

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Christina and Cynthia tasting wine in Treviso, Italy.
Treviso, Italy where the Tiramisu World Cup is help annually.

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If you enjoyed the Tiramisu World Cup...

Cynthia | What A Girl Eats

Tuesday 23rd of May 2023

Thank you so much! We had so much fun with you both. Can’t wait to dive into more of your wonderful posts and podcasts!

Corinne Vail

Monday 5th of June 2023

Yes! You are welcome. Let us know if you want to guest again.