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A Guinness World Record Climbing Europe’s Highest Points

Don’t you just love a good challenge? I do, but I let the summiting of mountains go to people much younger and more fit than I am. That’s why we interviewed the highly entertaining and inspiring Adam and Iain! It’s a great feat and a great story!

One of the things I love most about podcasting is interviewing fellow travelers. When I think I’ve heard it all, I meet someone with a new and unimaginable story. And being able to share those stories is really what we love the most.

Everyone loves a road trip, especially a months-long, multi-country European Road Trip. Our new friends Iain and Adam, however, did so much more than most road trippers. They combined it with an attempt at a Guinness Book of World Records challenge.

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Iain is a passionate road-tripper, he even has a blog dedicated to all things road-tripping at He’s been all over the world on his road trips, but he met Adam in Norway when they met climbing the famous Pulpit Rock (Prekestolen).

Like all good plans, the European Mountain Climbing challenge plan was hatched in a pub over a few pints. With a little research and the purchase of a slightly used Kia four-wheel drive, the novice climbers set out on the adventure. Spoiler alert! Adam completed the challenge in just under 174 days breaking the world record!

Adam’s world record:

You can also check out Adam’s Instagram with all of his photos.

Listen to the whole episode and be amazed!

Story Notes

01:15 – How it all began

03:45 – What is the European Climbing Challenge?

08:45 – Epic European road trip

11:00 – A bumpy ride

18:45 – Which countries are included in the challenge?

21:30 – Certifying the World Record

23:50 – Touch and go in Russia

28:00 – Interesting roadside attractions

31:30 – Mountain climbing in the Vatican?

34:00 – How much experience do you need?

36:30 – Road trip accommodations

39:00 – What’s next?

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