Passports or Pass With Devon And Marcus

Slieve League - Devon and Marcus
Beautiful scenery helps everyone be a great travel companion. These cliffs at Slieve League, Ireland certainly put Devon and Marcus at ease.

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Devon and Marcus in the Hot Seat!

Can they convince us that they are fantastic travel companions? Welcome to our second show in the series Passports or Pass, on Weekend Travel Inspiration, where we grill unsuspecting travelers to see if they really should be traveling together. Travel is fun. Travel is stressful. Will traveling together make Devon and Marcus’ bond stronger or will it break them?

Devon and Marcus in Donegal
Striking a pose, because well, “this is easy” as Devon and Marcus explore the grounds of Donegal Castle, Ireland

The Passport or Pass Contestents

Devon is our daughter, and she has traveled her entire life. At five months, we took her camping on the French Riviera and the Costa Brava. You never know if your values will be passed down to your kids, but thankfully Devon loves to travel and has been to all seven continents (1 more than Jim or me) and almost 40 countries. She currently lives in Japan where she met Marcus.

Making Sausage with Marcus and Devon
Is raw meat or bones one of your phobias? It is for Marcus, so what do we make him try, making sausage!

Marcus, a New Englander, joined the Navy as a young man and found his way to Japan. He had never really traveled before, either with family or alone, so this was a huge brave jump. This past summer was the first time he has been to Europe and he added five countries to his list. It was also the first time we’d met him, so yeah that’s another level of stress right there. Traveling with the Vails, and I’m looking at you Devon, can be a bit stressful at times, because we love to be out of our comfort zone. Poor Marcus found that out, trial by fire. Some of the things that we subjected this relative travel newbie to was a beer bath in Czech and making sausage in Nuremberg. Like a trooper, he got high marks from us, but will he pass the travel companion test?

You can watch our first installment of our very own Travel Companion Quiz Show – Passports or Pass with Mary and Chris here.

Devon has lived in Japan for six years and is our Reflections Enroute Japan expert. If you are interested in Japan, read on!

Inside the world famous Cup Noodle factory in Yokohama

The Wild and Wacky World of Japanese Themed Restaurants

Do you think you have the balance of love and traveling down with your partner? Will you be passing through Germany any time soon? We’d love to interview you for Passports or Pass as well.  Give us a holler!

Can Devon and Marcus pass our travel companion test?

32 thoughts on “Passports or Pass With Devon And Marcus”

  1. Sandy N Vyjay

    Nice and fun topic and always the subject of much debate. Nice to see how Devon and Marcus vibe together as a travel couple. Traveling together does have its moments of disagreement and stress but these are usually overpowered by shared experiences of travel.

  2. Absolute crackup Corinne and a great idea. Saw that you’ll be doing Daryl and Mindi soon too – should be interesting. Love that Devon has been travelling with you her whole life. It’s certainly interesting travelling with others and there are a limited few I would do it with.

  3. I love that Devon has travelled her entire life with you guys. That makes me happy. We’re expecting a daughter and she will do exactly the same. It seems like she loves the lifestyle you’ve given her.

  4. Its like the dating game for travelers! This was fun, sort of…Darcee was sitting next to me while I was watching the vid and I got several mean stares when I told her what I thought her answers should be…especially the one about the hotel…she is a wifi junkie but she wont admit it. Love this!

    1. Eric, Thank you! That is exactly the response we would love to get from folks…Now just let us know if you two will be coming through Germany and we can put you on the show!

  5. The Roaming

    This is a really cool concept you’ve come up with! I think me and my wife make awesome travel companions, we’ve been together for 15 years and travelled to over 40 countries together! I don’t think there would be a better person to have travelled with!

  6. I also always traveled with my family since when I was a little kid, but while I inherited the travel bug, my sister hasn’t. Her concept of travel for her is to float in a swimming pool and get tanned, nothing more, nothing less. In this case it seemes Devon and Marcus are doing pretty well!

  7. Great idea for a travel series! Traveling together tells so much about your compatibility. I would love to go to Japan, so I will check out Devon’s posts. :)

  8. funny game!! After years of travelling, it depends how “unsafe” is the tab water if I brush my teeth with bottled water or with tab water.

  9. Lorelei, Hey want to be on the show? We’ll put you guys to the test? Since you live in Germany we can certainly meet up, or you are more than welcome to come to Weiden! Let me know!

    1. Rhonda, I’ve got to give the guys props! Like I said, traveling with the Vails is a bit hard sometimes, we love doing weird stuff. It’s memorable and fun, but sometimes it would probably be nice to just ease into that phase. With us it’s always “go for it!” (And if you guys are ever in Europe, I hope you come by for your shot!)

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