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One thing I love about travel blogging is the community of other like-minded people that I’ve met.  I love reading your travel stories and seeing all the fantastic photos you take.  I think sharing is such a big part of travel.

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Let’s meet my co-hosts!

Weeekend Travel InspirationContentedTraveller – Paula and Gordon are a little left of mainstream travel.They like houseboats, tatami mats, cave houses, over water bungalows  and traveling their own way. They believe that “It’s all about serendipity.”  Read more about Gordy and Paula on the interview we did with them for Rendezvous with Rovers.

MalaysianMeanders -Michele and her family are getting reacquainted with the USA after returning from expat life in Malaysia. She introduces her three kids to adventures around the globe, one little trip at a time. Find out more about Michele in her interview on Rendezvous with Rovers!

Rachael Weekend Travel InspirationSafari254 – Rachel, a Kenyan native, writes about her home country and all that it has to offer which is a lot more than beaches and animals. Find out more about Rachael in her interview on Rendezvous with Rovers!

Weekend Travel InspirationFamiliesgo – Eileen, an expert in family travel has a website full of information and advice for all kinds of families.  She lives in Brooklyn, NY.  Read more about Eileen and her family on her interview at Rendezvous with Rovers.

AlbomsAlbomAdventures – Rhonda with her husband and two daughters, American expats, are currently living in New Zealand, but take advantage of every break they have to gallivant the world.  There’s lots more and you can read about it on the interview we did with them on a Rendezvous with Rovers.

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Baking The Perfect New York Bagel (with Recipe)

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Appetizers from around the world

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Sledding the Preda-Bergün run.

How To Reach Breakneck Speeds Sledding the Preda-Bergun Run

Last week Eleanor Roosevelt told us to “…reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” We decided to take this advice to heart and go out and do something new and exciting for us, sledding the Preda-Bergün […]

Sledding With Eleanor Roosevelt

In Howe The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt As we drive down the dark, wet, sometime icy […]

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Travel Folly to Travel Glory

Travel Folly to Travel Glory

“Look kids! Big Ben, Parliament.” ~ Clark Griswold OK, time for a guilty pleasure confession. You know, how we all have these silly things in life that we enjoy, even though they might be considered lame or embarrassing by our […]

Family Christmas Traditions You Can Take On Vacation With You

Family Christmas Traditions You Can Take On Vacation With You

I love traveling at Christmas for many reasons. The first of which is that I’m not a huge fan of the Christmas stress. What should I do for my co-workers? Oh no, I haven’t gotten that package in the mail […]

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