The New Travel Companion Challenge – Passports Or Pass?

This week, we’ve instituted a new series on Weekend Travel Inspiration. We’ll be interviewing travel companions to see how well they know their partner. We know just how important it is to find someone that meshes with you while traveling. Being isolated in a foreign country can heighten stress, so in order to enjoy the experience it’s imperative to find that perfect someone who can help you through whatever your travels throw at you.

The Travel Companion Challenge With Mary and Chris KP

Are You A Good Travel Companion?

This week, we’re starting off the series with two of our favorite travelers, Jim’s sister Mary and her husband Chris whom we met up with in Ireland. Hailing from two different continents, they met while traveling in South Africa and found love. As we all know, love is one thing, but can you travel well together?

Mary and Chris live in Australia where she conducts cancer research and he works on Science Education. Mary is also an equestrian trainer and horse supply vendor. If you are interested in horses or science, check out their websites:

Chris: Chris KP – Australian science performer and communicator
Science Channel’s ‘Outrageous Acts of Science – Chris is usually giving lots of science info on this amazing TV show Einstein A Go Go – Chris talks regularly on Triple R radio program

Mary’s Labwork can be found here: Dressage Selections is the online shop specializing in supplies and equipment for you and your dressage horse that she co-owns.

Go ahead and check them out!

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The Travel Companion Challenge With Mary and Chris KP

14 thoughts on “The New Travel Companion Challenge – Passports Or Pass?”

  1. That sounds fun and smart. i have lost close friendships in the past by going on big trips together. Totally was done with a long time friend after we were trapped up on a European cruise for a week…and we were not even room mates! ;) Good luck.

  2. Such a fun idea! My husband and I are very compatible travel partners. We don’t have exactly the same tastes but close enough that, with happily-made compromises, we have great travel experiences together!

  3. That’s a lovely (and fun) idea! It’s important to understand your travel companion – not necessarily agree with everything – but to know what sort of person they are… I’ve had some awful experiences travelling with the wrong people. Luckily my husband and I get along just fine!

  4. The Roaming

    This is such a fun idea! We’ve been together for 15 years and pretty much always travelled together! Although it can be very stressful at times I wouldn’t change it for the world!

    1. Nic, 15! It is great when you find that perfect someone. Let me know if you are in Germany and you can come tape one with us and then we’ll know for sure! LOL.

  5. This is hilarious! Can’t help but wonder how me and my partner would stand up to this test. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I hope so? :D Actually me and my husband make a great team and we’ve been traveling together for 17 years! Our wanderlust is fed by the need to discover the planet, different cultures and people!

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