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We love to check in with other travel experts, and that’s what our Weekend Travel Inspiration does. Check them out!

Rendezvous with Rhonda and her Globetrotting Family

Rendezvous with Rhonda

Rendezvous with Rovers presents Rhonda Albom from Albomadventures.com If we can’t get together in person…let’s do it virtually! This week, on Weekend Travel Inspiration, I’m excited to introduce to you one of my favorite blogging families.  Rhonda and her family have been to such exciting locations, and this is after living in the adventure capital of the world, New Zealand.  Come along with me as we find out how this family travels the world together!   I think living in another culture is such a rich experience.  Tell us how you came to live overseas, what you like about where you live, and maybe some things that you wish were a little different. I am lucky to be married to …

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Travel Folly to Travel Glory

Travel Folly to Travel Glory

OK, time for a guilty pleasure confession. You know, how we all have these silly things in life that we enjoy, even though they might be considered lame or embarrassing by our peers, parents, or children? Like watching reality TV or reading trashy romance novels? Well, European Vacation was one of those movies that fits in that category for me. I can watch it over and over. Should National Lampoon have any real travel advice to offer? Should it be an inspiration for travel? I don’t know, but anything that gets us off our sofa and onto the computer or into the books planning the next vacation can’t be all bad. And whether we like it or not, Hollywood, Bollywood, …

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The New Travel Companion Challenge – Passports Or Pass?

The Travel Companion Challenge With Mary and Chris KP

This week, we’ve instituted a new series on Weekend Travel Inspiration. We’ll be interviewing travel companions to see how well they know their partner. We know just how important it is to find someone that meshes with you while traveling. Being isolated in a foreign country can heighten stress, so in order to enjoy the experience it’s imperative to find that perfect someone who can help you through whatever your travels throw at you. Are You A Good Travel Companion? This week, we’re starting off the series with two of our favorite travelers, Jim’s sister Mary and her husband Chris whom we met up with in Ireland. Hailing from two different continents, they met while traveling in South Africa and …

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Passports Or Pass With Tom And Jasmin

On this episode of Passports or Pass on Weekend Travel Inspiration, we spotlight a traveling couple who live in Munich. Tom came to Europe to study, and soon after his arrival he met Jasmin. It must have been fate. When young Germans go off to university, there are no dormitories so they look for other students to share an apartment with, and Jasmin just happened to be one of Tom’s new flatmates.

Passports or Pass With Mary And Alicia

Alicia and Mary – Will You Pass the Travel Companion Test? In this episode of Passports or Pass, on our Weekend Travel Inspiration, we mix it up a little. Instead of having a couple, we are interviewing Mary and Alicia, two moms that travel together with their families.  Both Mary and Alicia are married to Army men, and they met before they started having children, beginning their travels with weekend ski trips in Colorado. As luck would have it, both ended up here living in Germany, and they began traveling around Europe together. They are dedicated travelers who firmly believe that traveling doesn’t stop when you have kids.

Passports or Pass With Devon And Marcus

Passports or Pass video with Devon and Marcus

Devon and Marcus in the Hot Seat! Can they convince us that they are fantastic travel companions? Welcome to our second show in the series Passports or Pass, on Weekend Travel Inspiration, where we grill unsuspecting travelers to see if they really should be traveling together. Travel is fun. Travel is stressful. Will traveling together make Devon and Marcus’ bond stronger or will it break them? The Passport or Pass Contestents Devon is our daughter, and she has traveled her entire life. At five months, we took her camping on the French Riviera and the Costa Brava. You never know if your values will be passed down to your kids, but thankfully Devon loves to travel and has been to …

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Passports or Pass with Kaylie and Taran

Passports or Pass with Kaylie and Taran

Welcome back to our travel game show, Passports or Pass, on Weekend Travel Inspiration, where we interview travel bloggers and travel experts from around the globe! This episode we delve into the intrepid minds of Kaylie and Taran, a family from New Zealand that has loved traveling all over Europe for the last four years while they have been living in Dresden, Germany. Kaylie runs the family travel blog, Happiness Travels Here, and highlights how to keep traveling with children of all ages

Rendezvous With Rovers – Tamason From Travelling Book Junkie

Rendezvous with Tamason.

Welcome back to our inspiring interview series, Rendezvous with Rovers on Weekend Travel Inspiration, where we continually get inspired by these intrepid travelers and travel bloggers. This week we’re introducing you to Tamason of Travelling Book Junkie. Tell us a little about yourself.  Originally from the UK we always knew that travel would be a major part of our lives. When we first met 20 years ago Paul was in the Armed Forces and I was studying to become a Secondary School Teacher but realistically I think even then, we both felt that we wanted to do something different. Society has always dictated that we should gain a good education, develop a strong career and then purchase a house, have …

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Rendezvous with Frank and Lissette from BBQ Boy and Spanky

Rendezvous with Frank and LIssette

Welcome to another installment of a Rendezvous with Rovers on Weekend Travel Inspiration where we meet up, virtually, with some intrepid travelers and share their stories.  This week, we are talking with the brave and location-independent Frank and Lissette, BBQ and Spanky, who’ve been traveling continuously for a couple of years.  Jim and I met up with then in Prague, shared a beer, and a ton of laughs.  There’s something special about hanging out with like-minded folks.  I hope you enjoy their escapades and find their journey inspirational.     Tell us about yourselves. Where do you live or are you location independent? How did you start traveling?   Hi Corinne. We’re been full-time travellers since 2014. I’ve always travelled …

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Rendezvous with the Adventurous Erika

Rendezvous with Rovers

  (Me on Koh Phi Phi Island in Thailand) Welcome to our intrepid traveler interview series, A Rendezvous with Rovers on Weekend Travel Inspiration!  This month, we were able to catch up with Erika from Erika’s Travels, in between flights. Tell us about yourself.  I’m Erika Bisbocci. I’m originally from Eugene, Oregon, but I have lived and studied in Italy, Minnesota, Jordan, Tunisia and Namibia throughout my life. Now I live in Seattle, where I work for a major US airline. As a flight attendant, how much time do you get to spend in the places you visit?  It all depends on the layover. Generally, domestic layovers are anywhere between nine and 30 hours and international layovers are somewhere between …

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