Christmas Dinner in Japan…KFC?!

What?!  No KFC Fried Chicken for You This Holiday?

Come on!  No fuss, no mess, just down home traditional foods that you pick up and share.  What’s wrong with that?!  If you’ve lived in Japan, you’ll know that the ovens can be very small and roasting a turkey might be difficult, if you can even find one! No worries, the answer is right on the corner. It’s Christmas in Japan at KFC!

Christmas Dinner Japan KFC

As it is, Christmas dinner in Japan isn’t a huge thing. With less than 1% of the population celebrating the holiday, since December 25th is not a bank holiday, everyone has to work. Still, the Japanese love adopting American traditions, and they’ve got to eat, so why not try to be as traditional as possible and order that KFC fried chicken for Christmas dinner?

Christmas Dinner Japan KFC

That’s right! KFC has convinced Japan that fried chicken is the traditional Christmas dinner in America, or at least they did in December of 1974. Their campaign was a massive success and they have been able to continue the “tradition” to this day. In fact, KFC officials say that it’s highest sales volume each year come from Christmas Eve.

Christmas Dinner Japan KFC

I have asked around to see if any of my Japanese friends have partaken in the tradition. One allowed shyly that she and her mother have done so on occasion, but not every year. And, a teacher I work with admitted that her husband buys a bucket each year for their family. But not everyone is hooked, our neighbor when asked scoffed loudly and exclaimed, “Of course not! Why do you Americans all think we love KFC? I can get KFC anytime! I want other foods!”

Christmas Dinner Japan KFC

Living in Japan, we like to try Japanese traditions, too, so we have decided to try to get a bucket of chicken for Christmas this year! The only problem…you have to order well in advance and my Japanese isn’t great, so “try” is the key word. And, why not?! When in Rome…ahem, Tokyo…

メリークリスマス or Meri-kurisumasu everybody from Japan!

Have you ever had KFC for Christmas dinner?


11 thoughts on “Christmas Dinner in Japan…KFC?!”

  1. Ha, no I haven’t had KFC for Christmas but I’ve had pizza for Thanksgiving! That is fascinating that many Japanese are invested to have that for Christmas dinner. Hey, to each his own, right? On the West Coast here my heart has been swept away from KFC forever in favor of Popeye’s! Now I’m craving fried chicken in the worst way, Corinne lol :) *sigh*

  2. I’m oh so disappointed! I thought you were going to share a traditional Japanese Christmas with us? I then realized of course that Japanese probably do not celebrate Christmas at all, but follow their own religious customs. As for KFC Xmas dinner yuk!
    Merry Christmas Muzachan.

  3. Hi Corrine. Are you in Japan now? KFC is readily available in Korea, too. However, I don’t think it’s as popular as some of the other fast food giants. I’m never in Korea for Christmas, so I have no idea if this KFC is a Christmas tradition here or not. I did eat KFC for a Christmas Eve meal once when I was at an airport hotel in KL waiting to fly to Bali. Certainly more reminiscent of Christmas then noodles! :) Thanks for linking up to Travel Photo Thursday this week. #TPThursday

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