Splashing About The Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival, Germany

September is the month of festivals in Germany, so you can find many more to attend like the world-famous Oktoberfest which happens during some of the same time. No matter what the reason for the festival, you can bet there will be good food, good drink, and fun times for the whole family.

I love a festival. And one that involves food, well, that’s a no-brainer. We were going. I love pumpkin, and I’d heard there was plenty of pumpkin specialties to be tasted, so off we went to Stuttgart.

Pumpkin Festival Ludwigsburg Germany
Intent on making the best time, much splashing ensues as pumpkin boat racers dig in.

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Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival, Germany’s Largest

A pumpkin dragon at the Pumpkin Festival at Ludwigsburg, Germany
A dragon sculpture made out of pumpkins.

Germany’s largest pumpkin festival is held every year at Ludwigsburg palace near Stuttgart. While the festival runs from late August through early November, not all activities are available throughout the entire time. Activities include pumpkin carving, a giant pumpkin contest, pumpkin boat races, and even pumpkin smashing!

Check the schedule and plan your tip accordingly so you don’t miss out on anything important to you. Don’t worry, however, you can be sure the festival will be entertaining and fun for the whole family no matter when you go.

Pumpkin Fest Tickets and Entrance

Germany’s largest pumpkin festival is also the most popular so plan accordingly. As mentioned before, not all events happen every weekend. Check the schedule early in the planning process. Once you have dates for your visit, purchase your tickets online if it’s early enough.

If you weren’t able to buy your tickets ahead of time, don’t stress. You can still buy tickets at the festival. Just try to get there as early as possible. The festival grounds open at 9:00 A.M. and the lines at the entrance can get long shortly after opening.

After buying the tickets or showing your online tickets, walk down through the palace gardens past the lake where the pumpkin boat races are held.  Behind the garden is really where the majority of the festival is located, but the gardens themselves are beautiful and well worth a look as you walk through.

Pumpkin Boat Races

Pumpkin boat racers at Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival
Bring your own or borrow one, pumpkin racing should be on your bucket list!

The main reason we went this particular weekend was for the pumpkin canoe races, and after seeing it I might like to row my own canoe in the future. What a great bucket list item.  It is rather comical to watch, but the carved out gigantic pumpkins are really quite steady and we didn’t see anyone capsize.

You are encouraged to start growing your own humongous pumpkin at the end of April so that it is ready to be plucked and carved for canoeing in September. In fact, you can contact the race organizer to get seeds, find out more about giant pumpkins, and register for the races.

Kids racing in pumpkin boats at the Pumpkin Festival
Getting used to the wobbly pumpkins!

Luckily, you don’t need to bring your own pumpkin. You can use one of the ones that he has grown and shared. You should bring a dry set of clothes, though, just in case. Interested in racing in giant carved out pumpkin? You’ll need to register as early as possible, slots are limited!

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, and More Pumpkins

White pumpkins

After you leave the pumpkin boat racing lake, you head into the lower gardens and into the largest pumpkin festival in Germany. Local artists have put every ounce of energy possible into creating the most elaborate, delightful pumpkin sculptures imaginable. Each year the festival has a different theme with a new round of sculptures. This year’s theme is Music, so expect pumpkin “rock and roller’s” and even a pumpkin Beethoven!

Pumpkin UFO ship has landed at the Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival in Germany
The pumpkin has landed.

The sculptures are made entirely out of pumpkins, and there were as many different sculptures as there are types of pumpkins, from flying carpets, to rockets, to insects.  It was amazing what you can do with a huge wooden frame and a bunch of round vegetables.

I never knew pumpkin art was such a big deal, but there is one American pumpkin carver, Ray Villafane,  who comes to the festival each year and has made a name for himself all over the world.  Ray  has developed a family of pumpkins that he calls the Hubbards.

Hubbard pumpkin in an outhouse in Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival
One of Ray Villafane’s Hubbard family members caught in a compromising position.

He carves them with a huge, full of personality face, on the main part of the pumpkin and then completes his people with small arms and legs. The Hubbard people are adorable on their own, but he also creates scenes for them which are just hilarious. This year look for Hubbards playing musical instruments.

Cheese and mice pumpkin sculpture
A cute mouse and cheese pumpkin sculpture.

Other types of exhibits include a wall of pumpkins from around the world, all different sizes and shapes and even colors. There are also pumpkin gardens to stroll, through, and the European pumpkin Championship weigh off to behold. Naturally, there’s more to do with pumpkins than just looking at them.

The wall of pumpkins at Germany's largest Pumpkin Festival
Pumpkins from all over the world are displayed. I never knew how many types of pumpkins there were.

All Things Pumpkin – Shopping and Eating

We found vendors selling everything pumpkin including pumpkin spices and pumpkin wine. Jim bought a bottle of specialty pumpkin seed oil and I fell in love with the roasted pumpkin seeds.

Pumpkin pancakes
Pumpkin pancakes

My favorite, though, is the pumpkin café which sells a pretty vast variety of pumpkin dishes. Since there were four of us, we tried everything, spaghetti, fritters, and even desserts. Most of them were delicious!

Pumpkin Festival Ludwigsburg Germany
Pumpkin strudel

Tips for visiting Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival
The pumpkin festival is family friendly so strollers, toddlers, even dogs are allowed and encouraged. It can get crowded so plan on an early arrival. Tickets can purchased online to save time at the entrance. Bring your appetite and sample a few different pumpkin treats.

Pumpkin Festival Ludwigsburg Germany
Pumpkin spaghetti

The cost of the festival is determined by the castle, the Blühenden Barock so please check the website before you go.  It is very stroller-friendly, and the kids will really enjoy everything about the pumpkin festival.  You can also take your dog as long as he or she remains on the leash at all times.

Pumpkin Festival Ludwigsburg Germany

Where is the Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival?

Ludwigsburg is very close to the city of Stuttgart, which of course, has its own airport. However, most people will be traveling from other larger cities either by train or car. Happily, Ludwigsburg is well connected via bus, train, and car.

Pumpkin Festival Ludwigsburg Germany

Driving Times and Directions

From Stuttgart take the B27 north for about half an hour. From Frankfurt or Wiesbaden take the A3 east to the A81 south for about 2 hours. From Munich take the A8 west to the A81 north about 3hours. From Grafenwöhr take the A9 south to the A6 west and then the A81 south about 3 hours. The Ludwigsburg Palace is clearly signed and there is paid parking right near the festival.

Pumpkin Festival Ludwigsburg Germany

Ludwigsburg is also easily accessible by train. Take the train to the Stuttgart main station and then the S4 or S5 to Ludwigsburg, a mere 10 minutes ride. From the Ludwigsburg Hauptbahnhof (train station) to the Blühenden Barock where the festival is held, you can take bus 421 or bus 430.  Buses run every 15 -20 minutes and it takes about 16 minutes to get there.

Pumpkin Festival Ludwigsburg Germany

Other things to do in the area:

Hohenzollern Castle


Alsace, France

To find out more about the Pumpkin festival go to the their main website which has a list of activities for each weekend.

Have you ever been to a festival such as this?  Please tell us about it in the comments!

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Pumpkin Festival Ludwigsburg Germany

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  1. This is a really fascinating festival. Never knew so many things could be done from Pumpkin. The Pumpkin sculptures are really great pieces of art.

  2. I am amazed at this festival! This is so over the top. We have fruit and vegetable festivals here in California but they are not that elaborate. Looks like in Europe food festivals are a serious affair.

  3. I have been to the Half Moon Bay California Pumpkin Festival. This festival has some amazingly creative artists. I love the sculptures, especially the Hubbard family member in the out house and the aliens scene.

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