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RV Living Will Soothe Your Soul [Podcast]

Is traveling your jam? It sure is mine, and our podcast guest this week has a unique twist on why its hers. Listen up as Rebecca Blackwell tells us how RV living can soothe your soul and make you happy.

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There are so many things that make us tick, but for many of us the main thing is travel. Not only is this true for Jim and me, but our guest this week really feels it, too. Rebecca Blackwell, a perpetual traveler and food blogger tells us what living on the road is all about.

She and her husband Steve, after many trials and troubles, have found that working out of an RV and traveling all over the USA full-time is the key to success.

Steve and Rebecca living the RV life in Oregon.

Show Notes

Show Notes:
01:30 – How they became full time RVers

04:00 – Dealing with tragedy while traveling

12:00 – “Living in an RV things break pretty much constantly…”

18:30 – What to expect when picking up a brand new RV

23:00 – How to decide if you can be a full time RVer

Beach Camping at Crystal Beach, Texas.

27:30 – Modifying the fifth-wheel for full time living

33:30 – Recipe development and food photography in an RV?

40:00 – Planning RV campgrounds and moves

46:00 – Is there an end in sight? Will you stay nomadic?

49:30 – How do family and friends react to full time RVing?

The Wedge Overlook, a beautiful place to soothe your soul.

Worth Mentioning

Check out Rebecca’s blog called A Little and a Lot

Check out our RV Lessons learned podcast for our views.

Parking the RV in Nebraska.

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Rebecca and husband at Peninsula State Park.

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Full-time RVing is Good for the Soul.