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What will Travel be like after the Pandemic?

It’s been a rough couple of years, and now that the US and parts of the world are opening back up, we wanted to share our observations and hopes and for what post pandemic travel is going to look like.


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Covid numbers were going down, and Jim and I thought hey, why not do some traveling. Do we dare take an airplane? Do we drive? Well, in late 2020 and early 2021, we did both. We just couldn’t stay cooped up anymore and had to just get out and do some traveling. We needed a fix!

Of course, we’re still not done with this pesky pandemic. Now with variants, kids going back to school, and people just feeling done with it all, it might be getting worse not better. With all of this, we certainly hope that at least we’ve learned a few things to take into our futures with us.

Episode 6 – Show Notes

0:35 Our personal history with Covid-19 and the pandemic in Asia
2:15 Having Covid
5:03 Flying in 2021
10:46 Overheard by a TSA Guard
12:26 Flying with United – our experience on a domestic flight
17:11 Tips for flying this year
20:22 Road Travel in 2021
32:15 Some of the good that’s come out of this pandemic…and will it stick?

Worth Mentioning

  • Clear – we haven’t tried this nor are recommending it, but we saw it in SeaTac as an option.
  • United Airlines



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