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Top 10 Unusual and Cool Things You Can Do Only in Germany

Germany is full of unusual and cool things to do. No matter what time of year you visit this amazing country, you will find something that makes you want to return again and again. From local festivals to yearly holidays, the Germans do it up right! You will enjoy their joie de vivre and will want to join right in!

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Traveling in Germany gives you a great opportunity to have fun in unique ways that you may never have thought of before. Everyone knows that there are plenty of beautiful castles, amazing German food dishes, a plethora of World War II sites, world heritage sites, and excellent museums. However, not many people have heard of these things that we think everyone should experience at least once.

From prom queen cows to secret passages in the old Tempelhof Airport of Berlin, we're sure you'll find some activities you'll want to do with your family while visiting this amazing country.


I hope you enjoyed our list of the top 10 unusual and cool things you can only do in Germany. To be quite fair, there ar plenty more things I can think of, but we wanted to really whet your appetite with all the wonderfully different things you can experience here.