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Traveling for food is such an important aspect for learning about a culture. Not only do we try to find the best local food to try, we look into the history, and we bring home a recipe or two.

Finding (and Making) the Best Tiramisu

How We Found An Authentic Tiramisu Recipe  I had my first Tiramisu dessert in Germany in the mid 1980s and I have been on a mission to find the best tiramisu recipe ever since. Naturally, this creamy, fluffy dessert is a staple in practically every Italian restaurant in the world.  However, it is surprising how […]

Traditional Mauritian Food – Mauritian Curry Recipe

Foodies On The Road - Traditional Mauritian Chicken Curry

On our relaxing vacation in Mauritius, we were seeking out the best local food. One thing we learned, at the Aapravasi Ghat, is that the food in Mauritius is very Indian based, with curries and dhal and rice. We love the curries, the spices, the tropical fruits, all of it. We wanted to bring a […]

Baking The Perfect New York Bagel (with Recipe)

Baking The Perfect New York Bagel (with Recipe)

Manhattan, the center of New York’s finest bagel shops. When Jim and I go, we know that we are going to fill up on fresh bagels and lots of great coffee every day that we are there. We love them! My favorite New York bagel is an onion bagel with cream cheese and lox, one […]

Intriguing Food Stalls of Jemaa el Fna, Marrakesh

Intriguing Food Stalls of Jemaa el Fna, Marrakesh

Bubbling cauldrons of soup, steaming bowls of snails, sizzling meat skewers, steaming lambs’ heads, and piles upon piles of fresh green mint–welcome to the incredible Jemaa el Fna, the grand square at the heart of Marrakesh’s ancient Medina! Jemaa el Fna – The Heart of the Medina [toc] Every morning the square comes to life […]

Indulgence and Pampering, A Romantic Weekend at Castle Wernberg

Indulgence and Pampering, A Romantic Weekend at Castle Wernberg

Looking for that perfect romantic weekend? Need a night away from the kids? We have found the perfect place for you. Hotel Burg Wernberg, in the middle of the Oberpflaz region of Germany, is the perfect overnight getaway. The castle, built in the middle ages, although small has been renovated to be as cozy and […]

Painting Marzipan and Learning the Sweet History of Tallinn

“A little part of the marzipan master’s soul is left in every piece.” While in Tallinn, I really wanted to do a cooking lesson, but I could not find anything that suited me. Then I came across a chocolate making class by Kalev. I’m not a huge chocolate fan – gasp! – but I was considering […]

12 Variations of Schnitzel or Mmmm… Pork for Every Month Recipes

12 Variations of Schnitzel or Mmmm... Pork for Every Month Recipes

It’s All About the Pork Schnitzel Sauce! Since living in Germany, I have discovered that my Mom’s version of Wiener Schnitzel just doesn’t exist in the real world. Seriously, I have no idea where she learned or made up that recipe, but there are so many variations on this delicious dish and yet hers is […]

All The Incredible Food We Ate in Skåne, Sweden

All The Incredible Food We Ate in Skåne, Sweden

I never knew that Sweden, and especially the Skåne region, would have such an abundance of amazing food. I had grown up eating a few Swedish staples, like pickled herring and buttered flat bread, but I had no idea what they could do with these ordinary ingredients or how beautifully it could be presented.

A Snack Called Churchkhela

A Snack Called Churchela

Our spring trip to the Caucasus’ wasn’t over, we had plenty of things to do in Georgia and Armenia, and one of them is always learning more about the food. If you read our recent post on making Georgian dumplings, called Khinkali, then you know that we had to negotiate our way into a restaurant […]

On A Quest For The Perfect Georgian Souvenir

On the Quest for the Perfect Souvenir in the Republic of Georgia

I’ve completely outgrown buying souvenirs every place I go. Now don’t get me wrong, I love seeing all the locally handmade items, especially textiles and sometimes it takes a very strong will to say no. But I do say no, because I really want to be a minimalist. Why? To be honest I hate to dust. […]

Chicken Paprikash and More – A Cooking Lesson in Budapest

Chicken Paprikash and More - A Cooking Lesson in Budapest

Anna greeted us at the door of the Chef Parade school where we were signed up to take our first Hungarian cooking lesson in Budapest. An inviting space, the school is split into two halves, one side kitchen and one side table. The table was strewn with cookbooks, so while we waited we perused all the fabulous […]

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