Corinne Vail

Corinne Vail is a world traveler, local food lover, writer, photographer, speaker, and teacher. Looking for the quirky and unusual as well as the best food around the world, she has traveled all her life. She’s lived in Turkey, England, Germany, Japan, South Korea, and the Netherlands and visited over 90 countries with her family. Learn more about Corinne and Reflections Enroute on the About page.

Our World Food Guides – The Food is the Destination

As we travel, we try to eat well. We collect as much food and restaurant knowledge as possible. We want to experience the freshest and best local and traditional foods, and we want to do it in great restaurants. Then we come back and share this newly gained knowledge with you. Some of the questions we like to answer are: What is the most typical meal or dish in a country? What are the local products and how are they incorporated in the regional cuisine? For this, we usually visit a few markets and grocery stores. It’s for research. Really, it is! What do the locals eat? Even though we love pizza and burgers, we’re looking for the food that’s …

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What to do in Cappadocia?

What to do in Cappadocia.

Cappadocia, with its fairy chimneys and Turkish charm, is an unbeatable destination. We’ve got everything you want to do in Cappadocia and more.

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