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Corinne Vail is a world traveler, local food lover, writer, photographer, speaker, and teacher. Looking for the quirky and unusual as well as the best food around the world, she has traveled all her life. She’s lived in Turkey, England, Germany, Japan, South Korea, and the Netherlands and visited over 90 countries with her family. Learn more about Corinne and Reflections Enroute on the About page.

Taman Negara National Park

Brown chameleon with purple neck

Malaysia’s best kept secret for outdoor and wildlife experiences is Taman Negara National Park, and it’s not far from Kuala Lumpur! Check it out.

Daruma Fair at Jindaiji Temple

Daruma Fair - Good Luck Wishes in Japan.

Looking for a cultural fair that will bring you some good luck in the New Year? The Daruma fair and market will help you attain your dreams and wishes. Check it out.

Kawaii Monster Cafe Tokyo

Kawaii Monster Cafe Tokyo

Visiting the Kawaii Monster Cafe is must for kids of all ages, 2 – 99. Located in Harajuku’s pop culture neighborhood, you will love it.

An Amazing Road Trip Tunisia – A Travel Guide

Blue boat and aqua waters of the Mediterranean Sea

Our last trip to North Africa was to Egypt, which we loved, and we couldn’t wait to do something like it again. When we first started researching our Tunisia road trip, we found Roman ruins instead of pyramids. We were intrigued, until now all we had ever heard about Tunisia was the all-inclusive beach resorts. We had no idea how many wonderful things there were to do in this under-rated country. Hopefully this Tunisia Travel Guide will help you in your planning. Everyone wants to go to Morocco, but not many people think about going to Tunisia. I’m not exactly sure why I did, but it’s probably thanks to seeing photos on one of the blogs I follow. We found …

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What’s Trending on Reflections Enroute?

Appetizers from around the world

You won’t want to miss out on these popular articles on Reflections Enroute. We love food and we’ve been collecting recipes from around the world. Now, with our travel opportunities limited for the foreseeable future, we are turning more often to food. Our world cooking recipes will transport you to another place.

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