Wrens on the Ruins (Petra)

Visiting Petra, Jordan

Petra is one of those places that everyone should get to at least once in their lives. The ancient ruins carved into the cliff faces are hauntingly preserved. You can almost feel the Nabataens watching you from the cliffs above, waiting to spring their ambush on your wealthy caravan. Fans of Indiana Jones will recognize these facades immediately; but, alas, the massive interior of the temple complex from the movie just doesn’t exist outside of a Hollywood soundstage. All of that hype aside, Petra is an amazing landscape of gullies and gorges, cliffs and mountains, and of course, ruins from ancient civilizations.

Wrens Ruins Petra

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Most days with the heat, you are going to be sharing this amazing site with throngs of tourists, but there is ample opportunity to leave the beaten path, find a solitary trail and climb above all of that. They say sunrise from the Monastery is amazing, but after sunrise atop Mt. Fuji, I’ve found most of the other great sunrises in the world pale in comparison. It is a good idea, however, to start your day very early to beat the heat and the crowds. When you get out early enough, you’ll find a peaceful, serene, almost surreal Petra that you’re sharing only with other intrepid early risers or the occasional Bedouin astride his donkey.

In the afternoon, you can stop off at the Movenpick just outside the park for a refreshing cold drink and a light snack. Marvel at the luxurious splendor plopped right at the edge of modern civilization and shake the dust off your feet in glorious air conditioning. Of course, after the drink you’ll want to wander up the hill to your affordable hotel in the village center for a good night’s sleep.

The source for visiting Petra:
Petra Visitors Center

If you’ve got the money, why not stay at the Movenpick? But at least stop in for a cold drink.
Mövenpick Resort Petra
Tourism Street P.O.Box 214 | Petra 71810 | Jordan
+962 3 215 71 11 | resort.petra@moevenpick.com

Have you been to Jordan?  Have you visited Petra?


  1. Never been there but i have been to the pyramids in Cairo, it’s always impressive to see what past civilisations have built and left for us to see. In comparison think of what future generations will visit that WE have built? I think it would pale in comparison… maybe they’ll find some IPhone #17 artifacts lol

  2. Hi Corinne, that such an adorable photo of the wrens on the ruin. You have great eye to spot their smallness in the midst of immense gorges and ruins. Yes, I’ve been to Petra and absolutely loved it. Good advise to start early. Climbing Mt. FUji is still on my list to do and you piqued my interest more about your comment on it sunrise.

    1. Marisol, Climbing Mt. Fuji is a chore, but definitely a “once in a lifetime” experience. I’m sure you two would absolutely love it! Petra was a blast, and what I loved about it the most were the people living there and the little details!

  3. I’m a HUGE Indiana Jones fan, Corinne! Petra is my very close buddy’s all time bucket list destination! He’s not a blogger nor ever a commenter but I can’t wait to send this to him! 🙂 I like how you mentioned the Mr Fuji sunrise 🙂

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