Food from Around the World (and Recipes)

World Food Wow!

Traveling Equals Eating!

Food from Around the World (and Recipes)
Delicious soba served hot in a small restaurant in Nara, Japan.

When we travel, we often plan our day, and sometimes our whole trip, around what we are going to eat.  It is that important to us.

Before we go, our research includes a list of not-to-miss foods.  Most websites and guide books will have information on a country’s national dishes.  If you look up Germany, you are going to find a nice list of sausages and maybe some sauerkraut to go along with them.  I am here to tell you there is so much more to German cuisine than sausages.  So much more!

Luckily, most places you go nowadays you can sign up for market and cooking tours.  This always is a great insight to that culture and the way the look at and prepare food. We love to go to the market, both the outdoor type and a supermarket.  It’s amazing what you can learn there, and even if you only buy a packet of cookies, you are trying something new.

Food from Around the World (and Recipes)
A Mexican supermarket found in Phoenix, Arizona. Look at those chiles!

Looking for restaurants, Jim and I try to avoid the ones that market to tourists.  Yes, they might have clean, crisp white linens on the table, but their food may or may not be a good example of what is the tastiest option.

We try to collect some key recipes of foods we’ve tried and loved.  I’m not that ambitious of a cook, and since I’m often traveling with limited kitchen facilities, I try to keep the recipes as simple as possible.  Of course, what really makes their food delicious is the local ingredients, and there are some things you just can’t buy, even in our global economy.  I always try to tweak a recipe to use items that are readily available to me in the U.S. or if possible anywhere in the world.





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  1. Loved your recipe index and can’t wait to check some of these out in further detail. I love cooking and the more complex the recipe, the better. (within reason of course) I love trying the local cuisine as well as bringing home a recipe for something I really enjoyed.

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