World Heritage Site Jordan – Petra

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World Heritage Site Jordan - Petra
As I travel from country to country visiting World Heritage Sites, I find it interesting to see how the land is being used. In many or even most places, once the site is inscribed on the UNESCO list, the locals are pushed out, the prices go up, and it becomes solely a place for tourists. This is not so in Petra. One of the things I liked most about my visit there was the fact that there are still families living in the walls, in the caves. This man is riding his donkey to go to his house after a long days’ work selling his wares to the tourists that do come in droves. He was just one example of how life goes on in this area. We also encountered a woman making tea on her fire and offering us a glass, and a shepherd with his goats. If it were up to me, all World Heritage Sites would still have “life” going on inside them. It’s unfortunate that sometimes this is not the case. Have you visited a World Heritage Site where life continues as it always has?

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