UNESCO World Heritage Site, Baha’i Gardens

One of Haifa’s claim to fame – The gorgeous Baha’i Gardens

Bahai Gardens Haifa

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The first night we were in Israel, we drove straight up to Haifa. Our hotel clerk suggested that we eat on the Ben Gurion Road, because it has the view of the world-famous UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Baha’i Gardens. We took them up on it and this was the view we had.

I know! Even though the food was good, the view was better.

The restaurants stayed full, and so did the street. The weather was nice, so all the people were just hanging out. You would have thought it was a beach boardwalk.

Needless to say there were beers and cocktails, finger food and snack food, and a good time was had by all.

The next day we drove up to the gardens, and found that there are plenty of walking tours (hourly) in Hebrew, but there is only one at 11:00. We didn’t wait around, though, because the tour only takes you to the uppermost part of the garden anyway. Most of the garden is for worship.

They are beautiful and well-manicured. I would have loved to stroll through them on my own.

Have you been to Haifa? Did you take the walking tour through the gardens? What did you think?

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