Winter in Vietnam

Whenever the weather turns wintery, I like to think about warmer climes like in Southeast Asia.

Winter Vietnam

However, I came across this photo I took while we were in Vietnam and it looks and feels like a full on winter picture, doesn’t it? These folks are so used to sun, sun, and more sun the few days that it pours down a cold rain, I think they must be miserable.

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Of course, in my way of thinking, it really wasn’t all that cold. as you can see they are only wearing the rain jackets on top of their everyday clothes and they are not heavy winter jackets at all. It still is nicer than any of our German weather we’ve been having.

I still like to dream about where I can go to warm up, don’t you?


  1. Oh geez yes I think daily and sometimes hourly about where I can warm up during the winter. Loved that you posted the picture in black and white, Corinne 🙂

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