The Wildlife of Borneo – A Photo Essay

You can’t be disappointed with the abundance of wildlife to see in Malaysian, Borneo!

Wildlife Borneo

One of the first animals we saw in Borneo was the short-tailed macaque. A troop of them live at the Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre, and just as this one is doing like to horn in on the feedings!

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Wildlife Borneo

This beautiful spider was one among many, many spiders we came across. They were everywhere. I tried not to think about them too much as I’m a tad bit arachnophobic. The ones we saw ranged in sizes from teensy weensy to gigantic!

Wildlife Borneo

There were also plenty of lizards…also with in a huge spectrum of sizes.

Wildlife Borneo

This kingfisher was such a splash of color.

Wildlife Borneo

This was the most patient pit viper…pretty isn’t she?

Wildlife Borneo

A small female orangutan.

Wildlife Borneo

A mud crab – intimidating, but delicious!

Wildlife Borneo

A mother and baby silver leaf monkey.

Wildlife Borneo

This hornbill was bringing food to his mate in the tree, sitting on a nest.

Wildlife Borneo

Yep! Another spider.

Wildlife Borneo

This was such a brilliant lizard!

Wildlife Borneo

We saw insects galore, not all as pretty as this one.

Wildlife Borneo

…and another baby…monkey. Can’t see too many of them!

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Have you been to Borneo? What wildlife did you see?

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  1. Wow, all those wonderful captures, I would love to visit Borneo some day and also see some amazing wildlife. Thanks for joining us today at Travel Photo Mondays

  2. I’ve been dying to visit Borneo to see this amaing wildlife diversity! Though I’d probably have a heart attack if I saw a pit viper that’s not safe behind glass at a zoo 🙂

    Great photos!

    1. Cassie, I know! That pit viper scared the wits out of me, and yet she was so calm. There were so many people getting so close to her, flashing her with their cameras, and she just sat there. It was almost eerie.

    1. Ruann, We did see orangutans at Sepilok. I have photos posted. They seem like very gentle creatures. Borneo is so worth it, lots of wildlife. I hope you get there soon!

  3. These are great, Corinne! I love these wildlife shots and I know they weren’t the easiest to take. What a wonderful collection but I’m so enamored with the mother and baby silver leaf monkey. Those monkeys are just adorable!

  4. Wow, excellent photos!!! I love them all, but especially the little kingfisher, “fairuz” as he’s known here in Egypt – this one is slightly different, with his all white belly!

  5. Absolutely stunning pictures – my favorite is the baby silver leaf monkey and surprisingly enough the snake (though I was terrified of them when I was there and kept wondering if one would fall on my head)!

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