WHS – Komodo! Dragons that is….


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Who wouldn’ t want to go to this UNESCO World Heritage Site, Komodo Island to see the largest reptiles on earth?  We were staying on the island of Bali, and we were just too close not to do it.  Just getting to Komodo Island was an adventure.  We took a boat tour and loved every minute of it.  Of course, actually stepping on Komodo, I was scared as hell!  Everyone has heard that if the Komodo’s claws didn’t kill you, not to worry, the saliva is poisonous and you would die a horrifying death anyway.  So, yeah, I was scared.  It didn’t help that our boat captain and guide seemed to be even more terrified than I felt.  He didn’t exactly exude confidence.  However, I did relax a little when I say this woman just relaxing and hanging out of the window of a hut with a whole what..herd, flock, school, pod, um…group of Komodo Dragons right there.  Then our hiking guide takes us out into the wilderness with just a long pole to protect us.  Oh, and he was all of 18 years old.   Although in afterthought,  I guess he figured he was safe, because he was going to easily outrun both Jim and me.


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