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Weekend Travel Inspiration - Walt Whitman

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We work full time, and still we travel…a lot! Many people will ask us about our last trip, or what we are doing over the weekend, and unless we’ve just been to someplace like France, they look at us like we are crazy. It’s true. We are a bit crazy.

Even though we love France, and we love to get out and explore and do things that aren’t usually on too many people’s lists, it’s our love to get out and do something different. For example, when we went to Switzerland to see the cows come home and visit the farm. Most people haven’t even heard of it, much less want to go. Or when we went rose-picking in Turkey in mud up to our calves. It was messy, but beautiful and getting to know the local women was such a bonus. Or the time that we flew to Japan (from Germany) for the weekend to see our daughter and go to the Sumo tournament. The looks we get when we’ve told people what we’ve done!

Travel is like that. It’s individual. There are people who want to cruise the world, bike the world, who want to visit every capital city in the world. We know these people and we applaud them. Good for you! Do it! We don’t want to do any of those things. We like our travel our way, and you should like it your way!

Forget the traveler versus tourist argument. We consider ourselves travelers as well as perpetual tourists. We struggle just as much as anyone new to a city. You should have seen us trying to figure out how to by a Czech bus ticket in a machine. It took 15 minutes. But then we were on our way to the center of stunning Prague, and it makes it all worthwhile.

Travel is personal. Find out what you like, walk your own road and enjoy it!

How do you like to travel? Do people look at you a little different when you say what you are doing next?



Weekend Travel Inspiration - Walt Whitman












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  1. Cannot agree more with this statement: Travel is personal. I say go and enjoy your travel in the way you want. If people call you crazy because of that, I guess that is ok ’cause you are having the time of your life.

  2. One of the best parts of blogging is getting to share all the unique experiences we have and then learning about what others have done. I love how supportive the whole community is about what people choose to do. Japan for the weekend? I’m impressed!

    1. Michele, I agree. Have you ever noticed that our non-travel friends kind of get tired of hearing about it? Travel blogging and its community definitely solve that problem for me!

  3. I think your unique adventures sound wonderful. 🙂 You definitely do travel like I do – interesting adventures off the beaten track with lovely people who make every memory special. 🙂

  4. Yes, I love the idea of forgetting the arguments around how to travel and just getting out and doing it. Our definition has changed recently now that we are doing domestic travel, we are less of tourists and more of explorers. But it will shift back one day.

    1. Rhonda, I think my definition of “travel” has changed many times throughout my life, as well as the way I do it. Personally, I love that it’s not a static idea!

  5. I agree, every traveler is different and good for them whatever way they choose to see things. I am more like you in that i love to see cows coming down from the mountains in Switzerland, or learn how to cook paella. I guess I love experiences and any way you do it, travel is an experience.

  6. People always ask us the next trip we are planning. We say we don’t have any plans which brings disbelieving looks. Surely we plan these things in advance? Well sometimes yes, but at the moment I am letting it be decided by the universe. I am hoping that a house-sit in an exciting place will happen along as if by magic – I believe in a little magic. If not we would love the catch a cheap flight from Cairns to Japan again. It is quite exciting not knowing where we will go next, but comforting to know that we will be traveling into the future.

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