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Weekend Travel Inspiration - Vivian Swift

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Do you feel a little twitter in your tummy while planning a trip? Or does your heart start to race a little when your plane descends onto the tarmac of a runway in a land you’ve never stepped foot on before? I do. It’s so exciting to start a new adventure. I do remember falling in love all those years ago, and I do think that I’m constantly falling in love with new places, faces, sights, foods, languages, new ways of just getting around. Oh, and lots of cheese!

Just yesterday, we were exploring a little more of a city not too far from our town but across the border. We’ve lived here for a year and yet have only been to this town once before. Why is it that the closest places are the ones we never get to? For me, I always think I can do that anytime.

Here’s how it went:

We drove into the city, and as the car was slowing down on the cloverleaf exit, I sat up in my chair, on alert!

As we were driving to the brewery where we had tickets booked for a tour, we passed the train station and I got all excited.  It was a stunning piece of architecture, and I yelled, “I’ve got to photograph that building next time we come!”

After the brewery, we searched for the restaurant where we wanted to eat lunch. I almost snatched the menu from the waitress’ hand since I couldn’t wait to see the local specialties that had brought me here!

As a blogger, I’m supposed to take a photo of all of my meals that are new foods, local dishes, but no! I am always so excited, I forget, dig right in and take a bite. Then I remember my job at hand, try to glamorously rearrange the food so it looks a little bit like it was when it was delivered and snap a photo or two.

Do you see the pattern?  Travel excites me.  It makes me tingle.  I love it!

Weekend Travel Inspiration - Vivian Swift


































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  1. I often think that the hunt is as good as the kill is planning travels and lots of things in life, though that is probably not a great choice of words. Like you, we are often half way through a meal, and I ask Gordon did he get the photo. Enjoy the experience and describing it in your words is often just as potent.

    1. Paula, I agree you don’t always need a photo, but I’m getting old! I need the photo to remind me what I had and what I thought. It’s helps jump start my internal memory card of a brain!

    1. Sally, I’m sure the other diners in the restaurant never really expect to sit next to someone like me. First I did in, then I try to rearrange the food to take a photo or two, then I’m snapping away…both with a camera and at myself for messing up the shot!

  2. I find that there are three stages of travel excitement for me:

    1. Anticipation as we’re planning a trip.
    2. The thrill of discovery when we’re there
    3. Reminiscing about it afterward as I’m sorting photos and putting together posts.

    I love when trips live on and on 🙂

    1. Jenn, Me too! That’s exactly what made me fall in love with photography when I was a young girl. My first travel with a camera experience was Pompei when I was 13. They are still some of my favorite photos!

  3. What a great account! I get super excited when I am about to travel. I have a big adventure coming in about a month and I think I have already lost sleep since I can wait for the day to come. I also tend to neglect a bit the places near me. I used to keep a list of the places I haven’t visit close to where I live. It was a way to remind me the options I had during weekends and days off. I have to revive that list since I have not seen it in a long time.

  4. I am so much the same, especially about eating the food. And the more attractive the meal, the more excited I am and the faster I dig in. Sometimes I don’t remember the photo until the food is gone. Love the quote. I never really thought about it before, but you are right it is a similar emotion to falling in love.

  5. I was trying to decide whether I should tell my kids that I had booked an shore excursion to Atlantis during our Bahamas Cruise or if I should just surprise them. Then, I realized that anticipation is half the fun of a trip, and I shouldn’t deprive them of that. I also find that I tend to ignore the closer in places, thinking that I’ll obviously get there someday. When we lived in Penang, we somehow never made it to Langkawi even though it was less than an hour by plane away.

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