Weekend Travel Inspiration – Turkey

Travel Inspiration Turkey  Everyone knows how much I love Turkey!  Even after living there for four years, we never got tired of it.  There was always something new to discover, and oh! the food!

Read on for some of our favorite posts on this special country.
How to do Istanbul in Only 3 Days and Do it Right!
Turkey is a Vegetarian’s Destination!
Troy – The World Heritage Site That Almost Wasn’t
The Laz People of the Black Sea in Turkey
What to Expect When Walking into a Turkish Carpet Shop (Part I)
Bullfighting and Oil Wrestling in the Kaçkar Mountains of Turkey
Çatalhöyük, Turkey’s Newest World Heritage Site
Göbekli Tepe – The World’s First Cathedral?
How to Get Your Henna On at a Turkish Henna Party!
Turkish Roses and Rose Oil (Part I) – Sleepy and Muddy, but Smelling Pretty

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  1. Today it is my daughter that inspires me to travel – locally. She went on an 8 hour hike with a group of girls her age (and a leader) to a stunning waterfall. Also, your photo today – I love the caption. So perfect. Well done.

  2. OK i think i’ve figured it out this week, the blue link button wasn’t there last week (at least for me) but i’ve tried 3 times and i’ve got an error message 🙁 i got to the link up page, entered my URL and all, selected the thumbnail, clicked DONE and then…. ERROR?? any idea what i’ve done wrong? I’d love to take part this week. Here is the link i wanted:


    Title: Tunisia is my inspiration to travel

    Photo: any would do, the famous Sidi Bousaid shot was my choice though

    You know my email… maybe you could make it work. If you do let me know and i’ll put your badge on my page…

    Thank you.

  3. That’s such an inspiring photo! Love it! I’ve been wanting to go to Turkey for years and hope to make it one of these days. My kids inspire me to travel and show them the world. Lately, I’ve been inspired by other travelers. Thanks for hosting the linkup!

  4. Reading blogs gets me inspired to travel. I can’t wait to get back on the road again. I’m inspired, I just have to figure out when we can get away. Meanwhile I’ll keep reading and adding to our list.

  5. Hi Corinne, you lived in Turkey for 4 years? Wow…I’m jealous. I traveled in Turkey for several week about 15 years ago. I loved it – the people, the cultural heritage, the food, etc. It was my earliest profound travel experience. My travel there set my travel mode into more adventurous, more immersive experience I long to return.

  6. Oh I love this!! I actually *just* wrote about Istanbul, so I’d love to link it up here! I have really really enjoyed my 3 weeks in Turkey, and I’m sad to be leaving tomorrow! 🙁 I would love to experience living in Turkey someday… I didn’t know you lived here for 4 years!!

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