1. Education and travel are synonymous. You cannot help but learn when you travel. That is why taking kids out of school to travel can never be a bad thing. Unless you take them out so that you can sit around a pool in a resort, but then that is not travel is it.

  2. Hi Corinne, that’s is one of my favorite travel quotes ever! I believe it was from Mohammed. I was so happy the first time I read the quote. I was contemplating of going back to school for advanced studies – but then I felt that it would get in a way of traveling, which was what mattered most to me then. That quote confirmed that I made the right decision. Thanks for the link up.

  3. My girls are homeschooled. In New Zealand we have to file for exemption from school to be allowed to do this, and we have to let them know if we are out of the country for more than 30 days. I remember when I called up to tell them I was taking them around the world for a year. I expected a bit of Bureaucratic red tape, instead she simply said, “wonderful, that’s the best education they can get.”

  4. Some folks travel because they want travel to change them and some folks are afraid that travel might change them. And the POV you have really determines how you interact with the places you visit. Tiny Traveler comes back from almost every trip we take (even just to Philadelphia) having discovered a new food she likes. it’s usually sweets, of course, but she’s learning to associate travel with discovery, which we like.

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