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Weekend Travel Inspiration

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And if we did get lost for a little while, well, that’s okay too!  Some of my favorite moments have happened when I’ve taken the small road, missed a turn, got totally confused in a labyrinthian souk.  Having to ask for directions has made me smile many a time as I talk to just anyone on the street.

To be honest, we love to plan our next trip, but our idea of planning compared to other’s planning is probably very different.  Sometimes it means deciding where we’re going to fly to on a three-day weekend, and then book it, book a hotel and go.  Nothing else is planned.

Sometimes it means taking a road trip, with specific stops on the way but making sure to take as many unplanned detours as we can.

Have a quick read on some of the more “unplanned” times I’ve traveled:

We have a few days in January a couple years ago, and just headed north on a whim to take the Stena Line to Gothenburg.

We also were in Chile for a few weeks, walked past a travel agent office and saw a “sale” sign for Easter Island.  We took off the next day and stayed on the island for four days.

One fine May day, we got in the jeep and headed to Poland.  No specific destination, just Poland.  We ended up in the cutest city of Wrocław.

Then on a road trip through eastern Turkey, a few kilometers from the Iran border we jumped out of the jeep and helped some village ladies milk their sheep.

We love doing things like this. It keeps travel a mystery!

What spontaneous or unplanned travel have you done?



























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  1. I love unplanned adventures – when I plan something too much my expectations get too high and I always end up being disappointed!

    This week we took a spontaneous hot air balloon ride! We’re in Cappadocia, so it is very much the done thing, but with such a tight budget we agreed beforehand we couldn’t afford to – then we got offered a price we couldn’t refuse!

  2. Getting a little bit lost is part of the adventure! In Marrakech we got totally lost wandering through all the souks and escaped the city walls looking for a taxi exhausted with a seriously flagging MOH (sunstroke) initially the can driver wouldn’t take us but I insisted, so he drove us the 500metres!! And then we laughed with him and gave him a tip he wasn’t expecting. It wouldn’t’ve been so much fun knowing everything in advance – and MOH recovered from the sunstroke too. Thanks for hosting x

  3. Hi Corinne,

    That is a great list of little detours you’ve taken. I must admit of being very jealous with your “unplanned” trip to Easter Island. I’d love to go there someday.

    For me, I love having that extra free time with travel. Having an end destination in mind but all day or week to get there which ever way. Such as when I spent a week driving around the Republic of Ireland with the time of the return ferry home my only fixed point. I’d often take side country road turnings just to see what is down there. I remember once discovering an amazing and scenic lake which would inspire any poet. Truly beautiful.

  4. Hi Corinne, I enjoyed your unplanned travel, especially the last minute sale flight to Easter Island and that cute city in Poland with dwarves. Our best travel adventures are the ones that are unplanned or the planned ones but which we ended up getting lost. We had so many experiences where we got lost and the kind locals helped us find our way, and those local interactions often add so much depth to the travel experiences. Thanks for another wonderful travel inspiration. Love that Tolkien quote.

    1. Marisol. The Easter Island one was probably our most spontaneous. We walked in front of the shop, looked at each other, nodded, walked in and booked the trip for all four of us. It was great!

  5. I’m rather horrible at leaving things unplanned. Even in Venice, I inadvertently memorized the map, so there wer never any of those ” get lost in Venice” moments. I really need to work on being spontaneous, but the funny thing is that I’m the most spontaneous person in my whole family. The few times that I’ve kind of let go — like not planning exactly how we were going to get back to the hotel from Sydney’s Bondi Beach — my hubby looked at me as if I’d gone absolutely mad.

  6. We “plan” similar to the way you plan, sometimes even less showing up without any guidance or hotel. Other times we have detailed plans, which end up getting changed anyway. Love being a part of Weekend Travel Inspiration. Thanks.

  7. I “plan” very much like you…the basics but much is left to chance and opportunity. I’m super jealous of the Easter Island detour…that’s one of my dreams.

  8. I don’t like being lost or making unplanned tours, I get frustrated, nervous and anxious. But maybe I should look at it as an opportunity to hone interpersonal skills (when asking for directions) and discover new places.

  9. I love this quote! and love unplanned journeys as well, some of our best ones were the ones not planned…just this weekend in the Peak District, being in a hot tub, enjoying a winter walk at Chatsworth House..it was lovely and was decided Friday afternoon, two hours before we left for the weekend! Loved the Chile with Easter Island story 🙂

  10. It was great to meet you here today – I came to you through TravelnWrite blog. Accidental travel can often be the best! although I am not good at it – I am more of a planner – I like to know where I will be sleeping each night! Happy travels and thank you for the link up.

  11. Great quotes from Tolkien 🙂
    How you liked Chile? I can’t help to be in some places and think that I’m in one of the landscapes described in the books!

  12. Hello Corinne,

    I really so excited to see your unplanned travel. “It’s your turn” here, You have pointed some important point for bloggers. I am so impressed to see thin info and realize that it must be helpful for me.

    Thank you.

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