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Weekend Travel Inspiration - Tabor Fischer

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I love discovering new travel quotes for this series, and I certainly had to chuckle at this one.

We grow up with our list already started, don’t we?  I studied the Incas when I was in fourth grade and never forgot about them.  I couldn’t wait to head to Peru and see Macchu Picchu for myself.  Then I got there and I was even more amazed by their customs, architecture, landscapes, all of it.

I also read plenty of books on World War II and the Cold War.  Book after book of espionage, adventure, war, death.  I couldn’t wait to visit Moscow.  When I did this in 1987, it was as bleak as I imagined it, and I found it was the same in many of the Soviet countries.  Nowadays, however, I visit one of those countries that were hidden behind the Iron Curtain for so long, and I can only see the dilapidation or despair when I wander a little off the tourist trail.  For example, Poland.  What a beautiful country filled with colorful medieval buildings, but if you go to a town that hasn’t really been refurbished, the buildings are falling down and people still live in them.

Then there’s places that I either never heard of or just had no desire to visit, or at least that is what I thought!  I never really gave much thought to traveling to Malaysia, for example, as a child or young adult. Even after I’d visited plenty of countries, I found they were mostly Europe-centric.  Luckily I moved to Japan and then Korea, and the whole of Asia opened up to me.  What a wonderful place to travel.  I’ve been to Malaysia twice, and quite frankly can’t wait to go back!

At some point in my travels, I stopped thinking about places I didn’t want to go.  You cannot name a place I would not go to, or name a place I’ve been that I wouldn’t return to.  I love them all!  In fact, now the more obscure, the more I want to go.  I hope everyone can throw away our preconceptions and just go!…..Everywhere!

…And wouldn’t we all love to find that sign…a pink flamingo sign!?

Where is someplace you never thought you would go, but you loved it?


























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  1. Love the quote. I laughed out loud!

    You might want to check your code for your badge. I tried copying and pasting two different times, and I just got a wee little square showing up 🙂

  2. This is a great quote Corinne, if ever we needed any further inspiration to travel, hoping to find that sign would be one reason! I’m so like you, there’s nowhere I don’t want to go and I love the lesser known off the beaten track places.

  3. I’ve never heard that quote but it’s my new favorite! My wanderlust started with a report about the state of Oregon and all it had to offer in 5th grade – and it doesn’t look to stop anytime soon. And the place I thought I’d never go to was Japan – not because I didn’t want to but because it seemed a world away!

  4. I so agree with this quote! And we yes I think we are all searching the secret of life, or atleast the meaning of life 🙂 I also never close my doors to any new destination, even ones that were not on my radar before, all it takes is a little bit of curiousity and an open mind and you just end up discovering so much in new and old places!

  5. Love the quote. I can’t say there is anywhere I wouldn’t go, but I would try to go somewhere new instead of revisiting. Although the places that I have revisited have never been a disappointment!

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