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I love traveling in all seasons, especially in Europe!

Each season brings something special to what you can see or do.

Winter probably is the trickiest because you have to wear so many layers, but who can complain when you are drinking a cup (or two) of mulled wine at the various Christmas markets like the one in Dresden with its giant stollen?  For me, as a photographer, I know that the golden hour is the best time to make images as well, but alas, I’m a bit lazy.  I like to sleep in until 7:00 or so.  In the winter sunrise is perfect for me, then I have a couple of hours of golden light in the morning and in the afternoon.  Some of the best winter traveling we’ve done is to Mont Blanc in France, which is not only stunningly beautiful but oh!  the fondue!

Spring is also a bit touch and go.  As the weather warms up the flowers pop (like the Dutch chrysanthemum fields), which is exciting, but also it lulls you into thinking you are going to have great weather.  Not!  Spring is so rainy.  Walking and photographing in the rain can be tedious, at best.  We have done some wonderful spring trips, like our picking roses in Budur in Turkey or the time when we visited Gruyère in Switzerland, but the best part of spring is that summer is soon here.

Summer is almost everyone’s favorite time to travel.  School is out, so families can take their time, do road trips, eat in the park, swim, camp.  It certainly helps to make family travel more affordable, and it’s exactly what we did each year with our kids.  However, as someone whose kids are adults, I really don’t like to be around the crowds of tourists.  Thankfully, summer lets me get into the back country, the villages, the out-of-the-way spots or ones that are too cold any other time of year.  Iceland I’m talking to you!  You would have to drag me screaming to Paris in summer.  It’s just too crowded and yes it gets hot, too.  We don’t care, though, we brave the heat and the crowds to get out there and do what we love.  It’s a great time to take boats, especially ferries, travel by train, walk around new cities, and just plain explore!  With such long days, I can take photos late in the evening, but getting those sunsets and sunrises is a bit more difficult.

But if you ask me, fall is the absolute best season of all for traveling!  The air is crisp; the colors are vibrant, and I just want to get out there and go, go, go.  With the harvest, there is festival after festival like the amazing Oktoberfest in Munich or the Fiddler’s Fest in Ribeauvillé, France.  Every year we look forward to seeing the Alpine tradition of bringing the cows home for the winter, as well as driving and hiking through amazing scenery.

What is your favorite time of year to travel?

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  1. I am a fan for all seasons, much like a man for all seasons. I do love winter a lot, but then I love all of the seasons. Perhaps as you said, I might not choose Paris in summer, but then again I would not knock it back either. The thing we probably do avoid where we can, now that I am not teaching are the school holidays. Mainly because it is too crowded and people charge accordingly. Shoulder season, no matter the season, is our preferred time.

  2. It really depends on the destination of course, but I have always loved traveling to Europe at the end of Spring/early Summer where you often get warm weather without the crowds. Been very lucky on most trips, except in Germany where it rained about every day but still had a good time:)

  3. I love early fall. In NYC, the humidity and heat fall away (usually), the air gets crisp, the tourists go home and the city seems to exhale (or maybe just I do). I also like traveling in the fall, though I we had some miserable damp and cold days in the fall in Ireland, germany, belgium, even Italy! I guess no season is perfect! and the weather gave us ample reasons to go inside and drink something — usually beer!

  4. The good thing about living in California is the weather. There are a lot of things that can be done all year long. In winter, it is prime time for the desert (and for Vegas). But if you want to get that snowy winter feeling you can go to the mountain.

  5. I love summer because as you said – it’s vacation time. We sleep in on the mornings and spend the day at the beach or the pool. I’d love to be able to get up in the morning to get that beautiful light for photos but I’m not a morning person either. So although I don’t like Winter with its short days it is much more likely that I will be able to get better photo shots!

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