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Weekend Travel Inspiration Rosita Forbes

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It’s no secret that I love a road trip.  I love to hit the supermarket, load up on snacks and coffee, throw my jacket in the back, and head out on the road with some of my besties!  In fact, I do it a couple times a month.  My next road trip will be all over the island of Majorca in just about ten days.  I can not wait!

What makes road tripping so great?  For me, as a photographer, it is simply being able to say, “Stop James!” (Well, I really say “Jim”, but James sounds like I have an official -read “paid”-chauffeur.)  For me there is nothing worse than looking out those huge train or bus windows to see the perfect landscape swishing by.  Don’t blink!  Yeah, yeah, I know.  Both busing and especially training are great ways to get around, and at least you don’t have to do the work of driving.  But for me, it’s not really as much about the driving as it is about the stopping!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had Jim stop, I jump out on a crowded highway, and he can’t stay so he takes off.  I shoot and shoot while he finds a way to turn around and come and pick me up again.

I’ve had times when maybe this wasn’t the best idea.  Like that time when I was in the Canadian wilderness and there was no one around.  I kept thinking of all the bears I’d seen the previous evening and got myself completely worked up.  Of course, this is the time that Jim is gone for an eternity!  I couldn’t get in that car fast enough!  (I did get some awesome shots, though.)

At any rate, I love a road trip, and like the quote above, many of them have no set route.  We take a turn as we see it, or a jaunt on the map as it unfolds without a whole lot of planning going into it. I think this is the closest I can get to true exploring in this day and age of TV, podcasts, guidebooks, and just an over abundance of information.

Click on some of the posts below to read about places that Jim and I have road-tripped!

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Gawking at the Ruins of Ani, Turkey











































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  1. I completely agree about the ability to stop and take that photo. While I enjoy the idea of train travel, the windows and speed are the real downside. Can’t wait to see your photos from Majorca.

  2. How I love a good road trip. One of the best and cathartic experiences that I thankfully have had since leaving the little island of Hawaii, where you can’t really go on a proper road trip, you know? 😛 Nice piece of writing Corinne 🙂

  3. I love a good road trip too but for very different reasons I’m a big fan of train travel aswell.

  4. Go with James the chauffeur – that works. There is nothing better than not having to be somewhere at a certain time. I remember that we were going to the snow, a 5 hour drive, which ended up taking about 9. It was so much fun having that freedom

  5. Love that quote. Unfortunately I’m the driver so while I love a roadtrip and I love the driving I don’t always spot the opportunities and when I do I need to direct MOH with the camera. Love that you get Jim to drop you off and then come find you again! Enjoy Majorca.

  6. I definitely prefer driving on my travels too, and for the very same reason. My heart withers a little watching the scenery flash past on a train when I can’t capture it. 🙂

  7. I recall many a childhood road trip that I would spend in the back seat with my head in a book, with my mother periodically admonishing me to look up and notice the scenery. I’d roll my eyes and turn the page. Now I am an adult and I actually do like the scenery. And I’m actually surprised at how scenic and pretty many of those childhood destinations are. Now I tell my daughter to look at the scenery and it’s her turn to roll her eyes and go back to her book. Life is a circle, even on the road.

    1. Eileen, I remember those days as well. My favorite time on road trips as a kid was early in the morning or late at night when the rest of the family slept. It was my job to talk to Mom or Dad, whoever was driving, to keep them awake. Great memories!

  8. Road trips are definitely our favourite kind of travel! We have done this the most past 10 years as have been based in Europe where it’s so easy to go to so many countries by road. I also loved our road trips in USA and now looking to enjoy them in New Zealand 🙂 Now have to browse through some of your ones that sounds really fascinating!

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