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Weekend Travel Inspiration Rosita Forbes

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I’m always envious when I meet a truly nomadic traveler. Sure they have a destination in mind but it’s just a stop along the way, not a return to a static life. They’ve figured out the secret to that perfect journey with no end in sight. But when I stop and think about it, I realize I’ve come pretty close to that same ideal. Sure, Corinne and I both have day jobs, but we’ve been lucky enough to work in a profession and a system that lets us have the best of both worlds. We have long stretches of time off and the ability to move around the world with our jobs. When we’re traveling during the summer months we have the time and flexibility to choose the routes we’ll travel; we can just keep driving down the road, around the next turn, over that next mountain pass. Sure, we know that at some point we have to return to our home and go back to work for a few months and our little landing pad in Germany becomes a resting point. a place to recharge and prepare for more. Our jobs allow us to share that passion and knowledge of the world around us, to spread that sense of wonder and excitement that traveling brings.

Looking back on my life at this point I realize that I have been a kind of nomadic traveler. Every few years we pack up our tent, wrap all of our belongings in a blanket, strap it securely on the back of a trusty mule and head off into the unknown towards the next place we’ll call home. From California, New Jersey, Montana, Texas, Germany, Holland, Japan, Korea, Turkey, and now back to Germany we’ve bounced and roamed all along this big world with no end in sight. What’s around the next bend in the road or over that hill rising on the horizon? We don’t know yet, and that’s exactly the way we like it!

How nomadic do you feel?



Weekend Travel Inspiration Rosita Forbes







































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  1. We also feel pretty nomadic at times even though we can’t travel in large chunks of time like you do. I think it’s all about never putting down roots in any one place. We live in a place, get to know it (often for a few years), feel it, learn from it and then move on to repeat the process leaving friends and fond memories in our wake.

  2. I would love to say that I’m living a nomadic lifestyle however, the most travel we can do is maximum 3 times a year. It is still a lot compared to others but it’s not like we can just pack our bags and go anytime we’d love to. We need to plan everything wayyyyyyy ahead in advance and file for leave. I wish we’re more flexible and can plan spontaneous trips in the future.

  3. Beautiful quote and photo. I agree that a journey is never finished for true travelers at heart – whether full-time nomads or not. There’s always a longing that I want a to come back and see the other side next time or do this and that next time, etc. The beauty of travel is it make us evolve and make us want to experience more.

  4. Sometimes I read stories and blogs about people who travel full time and I would like to live the same life. But, I do not think I am made for that. I think I am happy traveling for some time and then coming back home to rest. I would love more flexibility and time off though. I am still in search of that “perfect” balance.

  5. I will admit, I get a bit jealous of nomadic travels also, but like you, many of my American friends often think of us a perpetual travels as we live so far away from home. We haven’t lived anywhere near as many places as you, but we get up and go when ever we can.

  6. We are not dissimilar to you and Corinne, Jim. While we are technically semi nomadic and we have a home base that we love to return to, though sometimes we do feel that we are nearly, but only nearly nomadic travellers. I like stability but I also love to just travel, anywhere really. Rosita Forbes is correct.

  7. Beautiful photo and a lovely quote. When we lived in Penang, I loved meeting up with all the nomadic families that were traveling through there. So many exciting stories! I’m still part of their Facebook group, and I sometimes feel like I must be frozen in place compared to all their travels. I think you an Corinne are nomadic too.

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