Weekend Travel Inspiration – Roman Payne

Weekend Travel Inspiration Roman Payne

Where does our inspiration come from? What is that inner muse that drives us on to the next adventure, the next story, and where does it come from? I’ve been a wanderer for as long as I can remember. My family was large (eight kids) and didn’t have a lot of money so you wouldn’t think travel would be a big part of my growing up. Yet we were always on the go. Jamming the whole family into the VW van, cramming camping gear, ice chests, sporting gear, and maybe even a dog or two into some corner or crevice of the car and heading down the road on one adventure or another. Sure we didn’t cross borders in those days but for a young kid out on the road the world was a big place. I can remember learning to read and practicing on every road sign, billboard, or bumper sticker that passed by.

From finding letters and piecing together words on signs I quickly moved on to reading the magical device that could find and guide us–the map. An amazingly simple word for such an incredible tool! This was where the travel bug really invaded my soul and took root. Looking at a map and the legend, with its cryptic symbols and codes, was fascinating.  Being able to decipher the puzzle and always know where we were, what we’d find down the road, where we’d be if we turned here, where we could be if we could just keep going, and winding our way through the infinite forks and possibilities was empowering. Just wandering to wander, to explore the world and make my own maps with it’s secret pathways and coded destinations; that’s the inspiration that drives this wanderer onward.

Even though we grow up and settle down, plant our roots, and join the working world there remains that call to the open road and the need to wander down a randomly chosen trail. It was that rovers spirit that guided both Corinne and I down the paths to our meeting in Germany and we both immediately knew we’d found a kindred spirit, travelers to the core of our being. The real magic is having that person to wander the winding roads of the future with and to know that, with each other, we’ll never be lost. And either through luck or determination we’ve managed to design our lives to allow that wanderlust to still drive us and inspire us, at least in some small part. I hope that it comes through in our writing and our photography.

Where did your wanderlust come from? How did the travel bug infect you?

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Weekend Travel Inspiration


  1. Sometimes I think the more you travel, the more you want to travel and then you realise there’s probably not going to be enough time (or money or holiday from work) to fit it all in! But you know I’m going to give it a good go! 🙂 Thanks for hosting – have a fab weekend.

  2. Nice to get to know you better Jim! Yeah, I love reflecting on why I travel or what got me on the road. I wrote a post about it ages ago and it’s too long to get into here, but growing up on an island was enough of an incentive to get me out!

    1. Hi Lani, I do tend to take more of a behind the scenes roll here, taking care of the inner workings, writing a few blogs and taking over one for Corinne now and then. I was just thinking the other day, do people who live in paradise locations suffer from the same need to travel as us? Or are they content to have the world come to them?

  3. I can’t really pinpoint what inspired my wanderlust …. maybe it’s the pictures from dated copies of National Geographic magazines, or the school trips I took while at elementary school. One thing I sure was of, is not wanting to spend my life in an eight to five office job, so travel it is for me.

    Love how both you and Corrine share the love for travel 🙂

    1. Rachel, oh yes, National Geographic played a big part in my travel inspiration as well! Even though we don’t subscribe or go out of our way to buy a copy of it, I’ll almost always stop what I’m doing and give up an hour or two of my life when I come across a National Geographic I haven’t seen before (no matter what year it came out)!

  4. When I was a kid, we usually did one summer trip a year, but that was it. My dad loves traveling, but my mom really dislikes it. He ended up being an expat and traveling the world for more than a decade while she elected to stay home. For myself, it was expat life that inspired me to start traveling more. It’s wonderful that you and Corinne both have wanderlust so that you can share that experience together.

    1. Michele, I don’t know what either of us would do if we didn’t have each other to travel with. Corinne’s pretty good about getting out and doing things on her own but I’m a bit more reticent.

  5. I understand everything that you have said. I think my wanderlust came from books and an insatiable thirst to know about how we all live; all of the similarities and the differences. It is something that I never ever tire of.

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