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Weekend Travel Inspiration - Rick Steves

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As I prepare for my next trip, packing is on my mind.  I hate to overpack, and yet I hate to think that I will need something that I’ve left behind.  The worst, though, is getting home and unpacking those things I never even considered wearing.  Why did I bring them?

We’re heading to England and Scotland where the weather can instantly turn into a chilled rain.  Yes, right now the weather forecast seems perfect, hovering around the sunny 70s (F) or 20s (C), but I should take a few fleeces and long pants just to be sure, don’t you think?  An umbrella is a must, along with my raincoat.  Does it ever really stay sunny for any length of time in Great Britain?

We’re traveling by car, which for packing purposes is quite dangerous.  I don’t have to haul all my stuff on my back, just chuck it in the back of the car.  I can take my own pillow, a blanket, some board games, my tripod….See how easy it is to get carried away?

I definitely have to agree with Rick Steve’s quotes, travel light and with an open mind.  I’ll try.  Really, I will.  But, doesn’t playing Settlers of Catan just sound perfect while the rain pelts against the window pane?  Just a couple of games then.

We don’t have much of a plan, except for a sketchy itinerary with a few must-sees along the way.  We do like to keep it open in case something comes up that we weren’t expecting.  We’re only spending a couple of days in London, and then we’re heading up to the Lake District, Glasgow and Inverness, and on back down.  We want to relax, find some out-of-the-way things to do, and of course lots of good food.

I’d love it if you tell me some places that you think we should go or better yet things we should do!  I’m all about experiencing the place, not just looking at it.  I was reading one blog and her brother wanted to drink a pint on Hadrian’s Wall, which he did.  I am so going to do it, too!

I will be updating my Facebook page and Instagram accounts as we travel, so follow along.

If you’ve got some good ideas for me, please leave a comment.  Maybe I won’t have to bring those board games after all!



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Weekend Travel Inspiration - Rick Steves


  1. If I had the car I would put my pillow, dressing gown and anything else I could stash in it. On our site Paul Johnson of A Luxury Travel Blog wrote of the Lake District and a cottage that he rents out. Have a look, it might suit you and Jim.

    1. Paula, We already have our accommodation booked, but his apartment does look very welcoming. Yes, I’m afraid I will overpack on this trip…oh well. Two days and counting…

  2. Tips? Just check my blog………and bring lots of layers and waterproofs that you can throw on and off. Four seasons in one day is not uncommon as I’m sure you know! It would be good to meet for a beer if you make it to Glasgow and we’re around. Let me know!

    1. Anabel, I’ve been all through your website, and we have more things we want to do than time allows. It just means we’ll have to go again sometime. I will email you with our time in Glasgow. I’d love to meet up!

  3. Love Rick Steves and love this quote. I understand your packing dilemma. I also have problems trying to decide what to brings and what not. I like to pack things like a towel, a flat iron and a pair of nice shoes. Those are things that you do not necessarily need (and who is going to have time to do their hair after a entire day of sightseeing). Now, I mainly travel with carry on luggage (thanks to my husband).

  4. Corinne as we couldn’t meet this summer how about you stay with my sister, she rents out a room on Airbnb in Knaresborough in North Yorkshire which is perfectly placed to visit Harrogate (gorgeous Georgian spa town), the Yorkshire Dales, the Yorkshire Moors and York. It’s an absolutely gorgeous part of England and she knows it back to front so would be able to give you plenty of tips. I’ll email you privately her details as you could look at the room on the Airbnb site but contact her direct to avoid hefty fees.

  5. We just walked the Camino de Santiago and it’s amazing what little we really need. Packing a car is dangerous because you can throw so much in to the trunk, but then again, as you say, do you really need it? Will you use it? I wore the same pair of pants for 47 days straight. A second pair would have been great, but I didn’t “need” them, I wanted them. Maybe a good rule of thumb is pack your backpack as if you’re going to carry it on your back and that’s all you take. p.s. I would take my pillow though if I had a car. 😉

  6. Eileen, I like it. I have to say, if I’m flying I don’t really have much of a problem, but it’s that car. I get super lazy and maybe a little needy when I don’t have to carry the stuff!

  7. I don’t like to travel light, Corinne. I could always use extra cloths when I travel. They get dirty so fast when you walk 8-10 hours a day and sweat. There is nothing more disgusting than having to wear a top that smells, or a pair of pants that has a few spots. If you travel by car you shouldn’t give it any second thought: take your entire wardrobe.

  8. First of all, thanks so much for inviting me to join the Weekend Travel Inspiration team of co-hosts. I’m good about having open eyes, my mind is continuously cluttered, and I’m hopeless about packing things “just in case,” especially if it’s a road trip. I’ve been trying to get better about the packing and sometimes swing too far the other way, neglecting to bring along necessities. Good thing that I have many trips ahead of me to perfect my technique. I’ve always wanted to visit the Lake District and look forward to seeing it through your eyes.

    1. Michele, Yes, I hear you. I’m hoping we have good weather…cloudy with a blue skies….and a few showers…not overcast the whole time. We’ll see.

  9. I feel your pain with trying to pack for England! We head there in a weeks time, will be there for 3-4 weeks and it is so hard to pack! Having lived there for 10 years I know I might need my sandals, boots, summer shorts and winter coat all within a span of 2 days! But we are excited none the less 🙂 Have so many places would recommend – our favourite – Peak District National Park or the Yorkshire coast. I have a whole bunch of travel posts on both England and few on Scotland on the website. Enjoy your time here, might bump into you whilst we are there 🙂

    1. Samiya, Yes, we’re packing today. I know we’ll take more than we need, but because the weather likes to change so much I want to be prepared. I certainly don’t want to have to stay cold or wet! Have fun on your trip!

  10. Hi Corinne and Jim! I’m still on a leave of absence from blogging but I wanted to stop by and say hi! Ironically I just finished Rick Steves Germany book and I’ve been watching his You Tube videos while I walk my laps. Have a great time on your trip! 🙂

  11. Oh Corinne! I hope you have an amazing trip to my adopted home country. I just did the opposite trip as you’re about to embark on – a road trip through the US as a break from life in the UK. And you’re totally right about the packing craziness that goes with having a car. No need to totally pack up means shoes all over the trunk. We eventually got it all back in right before we boarded the plane back to the UK! Have a blast!

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