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Weekend Travel Inspiration - Pete McCarthy


For the most part, I like getting lost.  Often it’s when serendipity calls and you stumble upon something completely surprising.  Once for us, it was a medieval fest.  We trudged out in the rain and had a blast.  Once it was a hospitable Turkish family that brought us into their home and served us tea.

Getting lost is memorable.  It’s what the best stories are made from.  Here are some of our stories of when we got lost or felt lost in our new culture.  I hope you enjoy them.

Lost (Water) in Translation

Taroko Gorge, Taiwan

The Laz People of the Black Sea

It’s All About the Fish!

Potholes to Plovdiv

Have you ever been lost?  Did it end up good?  Leave a comment!




























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  1. That should be our quote, because that is when we have the very best experiences. Getting lost is actually a way to find new and exciting things if you let it happen. Serendipity, definitely

  2. I like getting lost too – unless I have a deadline or appointment. 🙂 It’s so fun to find new places and and see new sights and be exposed to different worlds and neighborhoods.

  3. i hate getting lost. the worst part of every trip for me is that first 6 hours in a new city where you are jet lagged, discombobulated, don’t know where anything is and have not quite figured out the scale and layout of the city you’re in. On day 2 I’m good. I’m not sure whether this makes me control-freaky or just a typical New Yorker.

  4. While I haven’t truly been lost in 25 years I totally believe that there is a great potential for a silver lining and experience to be had from it, Corinne! 🙂

    1. Mike, Being lost is one of those things that is often frustrating in the moment, then it’s a great memory…or you just get the surprise of your life…both good!

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