Weekend Travel Inspiration – Paulo Coelho

Weekend Travel Inspiration Paulo Coelho

Do you know how you read a quote and it sticks with you, kind of like that peanut butter that you can’t get off the roof of your mouth? That’s what this one did to me.

Travel gives me time to myself, time to think, time to have an uninterrupted conversation.  So yes, I love the cities, the landscapes, the villages, the food, the people, but I also just love the time to think!

Some places really lend themselves to great thinking, like sitting on a mountain and looking down at Macchu Pichu or in a boat watching the sunset on Lake Tonlé Sap.  Finding that place in a city seems a bit harder, but it’s not.  Not for me.  All I need is an empty outside table facing the street, and I can sit there for hours watching who goes by, who they are with, what their dog is doing…anything really.  It’s fascinating to me, but more than anything else it’s just plain relaxing.

Here are some places we’ve been to that just made us think!

Taroko Gorge, Taiwan

Meandering the Otago Peninsula

What to do in Lichtenstein

Reveling in the Memories of Trier

The Beautiful Center of Innsbruck

Tide’s Out – New England

The Salt Warehouses of Lubeck

Oslo Harbor

Japanese Restaurant Window

We’d love for you to tell us where you did some of your best thinking!

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  1. You do find some lovely quotes Corinne, I can see why this has the peanut butter effect on you! I hope the post I’ve linked up today is “travel” enough, but if you feel it isn’t quite the right fit then please do remove it.

  2. Atop the Theodosian Walls in Istanbul is one place where travel connected me to my inner self. Even while I talked and joked and took photos with the teenagers I sat beside, I was very aware of myself and the world around me. It was a special place and feeling for me.

  3. “Travel gives me time to myself, time to think, time to have an uninterrupted conversation …” Like!!!

    Chears to team #wkendtravelinspiration .

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